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Everybody likes earning extra cash, and if you can earn it around your normal daily routine, all the better. The tricky part is figuring out how to find the time. Also, what if you need the cash quickly?

Luckily, there are lots of handy articles on the web that can help you get started. We rounded up some of our favourites so you don’t have to…


moneymagpie_logo_lowresIt’s no surprise that our pals at MoneyMagpie are brimming with money-making ideas.

Give these articles a read on your lunch break, and you could be making money before you go to bed tonight.

Make money around your full time job: As we’ve mentioned, sometimes the trickiest part of making more money is making it fit around your busy life. Some people may also be put off by having to learn new skills in order to earn more money. Improving on your knowledge and skills is great, but it can take time, which many people don’t have in abundance.

What’s great about this particular article is that it talks about techniques that not only boost your income but build on your existing skills to make your life feel richer.

Make money at home: We spend a fair bit of time in our homes. We might as well make some money while we’re there! MoneyMagpie talks you through how to make money watching TV, lying down, and from your kitchen or bathroom (there are no gross suggestions on the bathroom front, don’t worry.).

If you want to get out and about a bit, you could try setting up a dog walking business or growing and selling vegetables right from your garden (If you rent privately or from a local authority, make sure you get permission before planting those seeds!).

Make money by clearing your clutter: Every March, Moneymagpie’s Jasmine Birtles runs a national Clear Your Clutter Day campaign. You might think your household junk is worthless, but you’d be amazed what people will pay you money for. Once you’ve sold all your unwanted stuff, you’ll have more room to breathe and more money to spend on the things you really need.


Skint Dad

skintdadlogo3_12-7A few years ago, father of three Ricky Willis, a.k.a Skint Dad, found himself in a mire of debt and poorer than he’d ever been.

Fast forward to now: Ricky runs one of the most successful financial blogs in the UK and provides tips and support to help thousands of other people manage their money. On his website, you can find out how to:

Make money as a tech-savvy gadget addict: Devices such as laptops, phones and tablets aren’t cheap, so you might as well make them earn their keep. You can make money through mobile phone apps, surfing the web and making home videos.

Make money while shopping: Just because you’re spending money doesn’t mean that you can’t filter some back into your pocket! Mystery shopping has its detractors, as there’s a bit of faff involved with writing reviews and whatnot, but many people swear by it as a fun, flexible way to earn money.

If mystery shopping isn’t your thing then you can still earn money from shopping. Ricky’s wife Naomi, a.k.a. Skint Mum, gave Receipt Hog a try, where you scan receipts to earn PayPal credit or Amazon vouchers.

Make money selling your loo rolls?!: To highlight my earlier point about people buying any old tat, some folk will actually buy your empty loo rolls off you. Takes all sorts, I guess?


Be Clever With Your Cash

be_clever_with_your_cash_logo_facebook_defaultAndy at Be Clever With Your Cash believes in the importance of community. He runs the annual UK Money Bloggers SHO-MO awards, so you can be sure he knows his stuff when it comes to frugal living.

He reckons you can:

Make money via your bank account: Thanks to schemes such as the Current Account Switch Service, it’s now easier than ever to leave a bank you’re not happy with. In addition to this, some banks offer a cash incentive for switching to them, or referring a friend. From cashback to special deals on the high street, you can make a tidy sum by regularly reviewing your bank account and switching to somewhere more deserving of your dosh.

Make money from competitions: people up and down the country are turning ‘comping’ into a hobby that can sometimes pay off. It requires time and perseverance, but if you’re savvy about it, the rewards can be huge.


Save The Student

savethestudentLife as a student isn’t all about sleeping long into the afternoon and cramming a year’s worth of project work into the final week before exams.

The folks at Save The Student know all about how to get through those lean years at uni, and can tell you how to:

Make money by starting a business: If you’re feeling bold and daring, starting a business while studying may mean that you’ve got an income to lean on once you graduate. Even if you’re not studying right now, this list of 50 business ideas is still worth checking out.

Make money by filling in surveys: The self-esteem movement was right: your opinion is worth its weight in gold. Why not put it to work by filling in some paid surveys?


Honourable mentions No money-making article roundup would be complete without some tips from Martin Lewis and co. Whether it’s selling old books or taking in a lodger, there’s bound to be something in this monster list you can try.

Frugal Queen: Cornwall and Brittany-based blogger Frugal Queen a.k.a. Froogs tried her hand at earning money from recycling.

The Money Principle: Super-savvy finance blogger Maria put together a list of 150 ways to make extra money. It would be rude not to add it to our list of web wisdom (we blushed to see that some of our own thrifty know-how had made her list).


And finally…MoneyAware!

stepchange_money_aware_rgb-300x103You don’t have to stray far to find inspiration for making more money. We’re always looking for ways to help you increase your income. Take a gander at:

Our ‘Weird ways to make money’ series. Part one was published several years ago and has been read by hundreds of thousands of people. We hope the strange tips we found helped them pocket an extra few bob. Don’t forget to check out parts two and three.

We also have tips for stay at home parents and people hoping to build an emergency fund or pay off debt.

Now go forth, money-makers…and PROFIT!

DISCLAIMER: MoneyAware cannot in any way guarantee the success or safety implications of the above mentioned money-making tips. We strongly encourage clients and subscribers to declare all additional income to Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

Rachel Connor has been with the charity for over 8 years, starting in Helpline before joining the MoneyAware team in 2012. Rach enjoys travelling, video games, watching anime, reading and creative writing in her spare time (currently writing a Young Adult fantasy series). She had a previous life as head writer on Cartoon Network’s Ed Edd n Eddy and as a copywriter for LivingSocial. She’s also written comics and graphic novels for the animated series Regular Show.

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  • carly

    There are quite a few websites where you can earn money or vouchers for completing surveys. I earn at least £5-10 a week on these, May faves are and Hope this helps someone earn a few quid!

    • Tim Walden

      “£5-10 a week”‽ REMOVED me. Sign me up immediately, @brokwbutlazy:disqus.

      • carly

        Go for it! When I was really skint £40 a month helped me a lot. Depends how bad things are for you, I suppose. The week I ate value pasta and ketchup for dinner 4 nights in a row and couldn’t pay for the bus to work so walked miles in shoes with holes in was a particular low point, especially with debt collectors knocking on the door to deal with as well. At times like that it was nice for £10 to show up in my Paypal account as a result of doing some surveys at my mum’s place (My internet had been cut off). We all have our sob stories, though, and my situation was better than some people’s. Good luck.

      • Tim Walden

        I was actually being sarcastic, then.

      • carly

        I know, TIm. That’s why I explained that, for people in desperate situations, £40 a month can be a great help. Obviously it isn’t what you’re looking for so good luck for the future.

      • moneyaware

        Hi Carly,

        Thanks for sharing your story. Not every tip is guaranteed to make you lots of of extra cash, but we know that even a small income boost can make a big difference.

        Kind regards

        Rory and the MoneyAware team

      • moneyaware

        Hi Tim, we’ve edited your comment in-line with our commenting policy, which you can find here:

  • Tim Walden

    “DISCLAIMER: MoneyAware cannot in any way guarantee the success or safety implications of the above mentioned money-making tips.”
    Well what was the point in writing the article then, Rachel? you may well have said: here’s some advice. By the way: don’t follow it, because it’s not reliable or safe.

    The whole point of advice is for people to follow it with trust and safety.

    “We strongly encourage clients and subscribers to declare all additional income to Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC).”

  • Tim Walden

    “DISCLAIMER: MoneyAware cannot in any way guarantee the success or safety implications of the above mentioned money-making tips.”
    Well what was the point in writing this article then, Rachel? You
    may well have just said: ‘Here’s some advice. By the way: ignore
    it, because it’s not reliable or safe.’ In fact, you may well have
    just not written this article in the first place. The whole point of
    advice is for it to be followed, with trust and safety.

    “We strongly encourage clients and subscribers to declare all additional income to Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC).”
    Really? Seriously? So if I earn five poxy quid for a survey, I
    have to declare it to HMRC? Seriously? HEY! HMRC: REMOVED.

    Rachel: I trust you declared the earnings you received from writing this amazing tissue of drivel to HMRC?

    I suppose StepChange would like a cut of my extra cash, too. Well they can REMOVED off. Slimey REMOVED.

    • moneyaware

      Hi Tim, we’ve edited your comment in-line with our commenting policy, which you can find here:

      • Tim Walden

        You don’t allow the word ‘REMOVED’?????

        Have you actually removed my ENTIRE rant towards HMRC?

      • moneyaware

        Hi Tim,

        We reserve the right to edit or remove any comment(s) that violates our
        social media guidelines or that we otherwise determine is not
        appropriate, for example, defamatory, obscene, or proprietary (whether
        relating to StepChange Debt Charity or a third-party).

        With this in mind, we’ve edited your comments in-line with our policy.

  • Tim Walden

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