Our top 20 most-read articles of 2015

2015 has seen MoneyAware hit the big time! We recently celebrated five years of blogging (we had a cake), and cumulatively passed 2 million visitors and 5 million pages viewed.

But what did you read when you popped in to see us here? We regularly update our top 10 articles of all time on MoneyAware, but what are our most-viewed articles published in 2015?

Let’s take a look at how the numbers add up…

20. 10 clothing tips that’ll save you money

2,831 reads

Back in April, Jen took a look at ways we can keep our clothes looking better for longer. Since then, we’ve been patching up our torn tops like pros.

19. 6 ways for stay-at-home parents to make money

3,017 reads

Mums and dads are among the busiest people on the planet (presidents and chief executives have nothing on them!). Our friend Kamal from MoneyMagpie.com wrote an article full of tips on ways for them to make some extra cash at home.

18. How to renew your tax credits

3,305 reads

Renewing tax credits can be a tricky business, and it’s important to meet the deadline. Back in June our Rachel was on hand with this handy guide to your tax credit renewal pack. Keep it to hand ready for next June!

17. “It completely destroyed my life”: James’ story

3,537 reads

James had always stayed on top of his credit commitments, until a back problem meant he was signed off work, his income dropped and his debts spiralled. Now on a debt management plan with us, he’s taking steps to improve his situation. Read his story.

16. How to become a mystery shopper

3,578 reads

Ruth over at Save the Student argues that not only can being a mystery shopper be a good earner, but it can be pretty good fun too! She takes a look at how to get started.

15. October’s debt news

3,854 reads

Our debt news round-up is a popular monthly feature, but our October edition was particularly well-read. Take a look back over what happened in the world of debt in the month that saw an increase in the minimum wage and the introduction of the 5p plastic bag charge. I remember those days like it was only, well, October.

14. Seen Facebook ads about writing off debt? Get the facts first!

4,060 reads

We noticed some pretty dubious claims going around Facebook about writing off debt. Rachel investigated…

13. 5 budgeting apps road-tested

4,266 reads

Keeping track of your spending using your smartphone is a good way to try and stick to your budget. We tried and tested five of the most popular budgeting apps around. Read on for our verdict of which one’s the best!

12. Don’t leave home without these 5 money-saving apps

5,246 reads

Money-saving apps have clearly been of interest in 2015! We took a look at the best apps to keep the pennies in your pocket.

11. 101 ways to save money

5,348 reads

Take a look at this guest post from the Money Advice Service, listing 101 money-saving hacks, in six categories including ‘bills and utilities’, ‘transport’ and ‘kids’.

10. “I’m on a DMP and work for StepChange Debt Charity”

5,572 reads

Debt can affect anyone, and some of our advisors know the impact of it more personally than you may think. In 10th place is this story from Jonathan, who works as a helpline advisor here, and is also on a debt management plan.

9. MoneyMagpie.com’s top 6 websites for freebie fanatics

6,417 reads

If you like a freebie, you’ll love this blogpost from Jasmine over at MoneyMagpie.com. You can easily become a first-class freebie hunter when you know where to look!

8. 10 ways to live for free

6,500 reads

In at number 8 is another article from Jasmine at MoneyMagpie.com! She clearly knows a lot when it comes to being thrifty, but what about ways to live for free?

7. 20 foods you might be chucking out too soon

5,770 reads

Throwing away food because it’s gone off is a travesty! Rach looks at some easy ways to prolong the life of your perishables. If done properly, just a few small changes can add days, weeks or even months to your food.

6. 10 frugal fails

7,058 reads

We love looking for ways to save money, and being frugal is our thing. But there are times when being thrifty can do more harm than good. Jen takes a look at some of the most common frugal fails.

5. Martin Lewis’ top 3 essential budgeting tips

7,528 reads

Back in the autumn we met the money-saving expert himself, Martin Lewis. And naturally, budgeting is something he knows a thing or two about! Here are his three essential tips to keep on track with your budget.

4. Cash Genie to refund £20m: does it affect you?

9,202 reads

In July Ariste Holding Limited, which trades as Cash Genie, agreed to pay out more than £20m to 92,000 of its customers. We take a look at why they agreed to refund their customers and what it meant.

3. 20 more weird and wonderful ways to make money

13,041 reads

Our first round-up of unusual ways to earn dosh, published in 2014, did so well that we decided to write another! So back by popular demand, here are twenty more weird and wonderful ways to make money.

2. 10 ways to make extra money to pay off debt

14,999 reads

Jasmine from MoneyMagpie.com is on a roll! Coming in at number 2 is an article she penned for us back at the start of the year. As well as budgeting and cutting costs, there are loads of ways you can make some extra cash here and there. Take a look at her top ten!

1. How upcoming benefits changes affect my DMP

19,551 reads

In the number 1 spot is James’ article, giving a round-up of the benefits changes announced in the government’s post-election Budget and how they could affect you. From Employment Support Allowance to Housing Benefit, the proposals were a real shake-up of  benefits, provoking plenty of discussion in the comments.


So that’s it, our top 20 articles of 2015. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading them, and we’re looking forward to seeing you next year for plenty more ways to make money, budget better and save money in 2016.

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Happy New Year from everyone at StepChange Debt Charity!

[Stats taken from our internal analytics program, 1 January 2015 to 10 December 2015]

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