Debt collectors are not bailiffs

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If you’ve got unsecured debt (for example from a credit card, personal loan, overdraft or store card) that you can’t pay and are losing sleep thinking that “the bailiffs are going to be called”, don’t worry.

Creditors of unsecured debts cannot send bailiffs (or enforcement agents, as they’re now officially known) to your home.

Creditors can send, or threaten to send, doorstep collectors but it’s really important to realise that these people have no more power than someone ringing you. Quite often it’s just a scare tactic.

Be assured that it’s quite unlikely that any debt collector will come to your front door as it’s cheaper and more effective for them to phone you instead. If anyone does come to the door ask them to leave and request that the company contacts you by letter only.

When are bailiffs called?

Usually to follow up on court action or if the debt is for council tax (if you’re in one of these situations read our advice on bailiffs right now).

Find out more about what creditors can and can’t do, and if you’re worried or losing sleep over your debts, creditors, debt collectors or bailiffs please contact us or use our online counselling service Debt Remedy.

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  • Very nice articles about debt collectors. I agree to you that usually, creditors first send the debt collectors to your home for debt collection and they try to recover the debt outside the court. If they don’t get response from debtor then they can file case in small claims court and the court can send bailiffs to your home only in case if you lose the case.