Look swish on a budget!

Someone's been busy swishing!

Someone’s been busy swishing!

There’s a great way to keep fashionable and save your pennies at the same time. It’s been around a few years but the term ‘swishing’ still isn’t that commonly known.

So what on earth is swishing?

This was the very same question I asked myself when looking at ways to save money while remaining fashionable and on trend, during London Fashion Week.

When I asked around most thought it was an alternative for some sort of wife swap. So you’d be forgiven if you were thinking along those lines!

I took to the internet to find out more…

The term ‘swishing’ derives from the dictionary definition of ‘to rustle, as silk’ which translates ‘to rustle from friends’.

So in a nutshell, swishing is the term that relates to swapping things like clothes or accessories with friends.

Rules of the rail

Generally, once you’ve donated an item you’re free to take anything you like that’s also available. It doesn’t tend to matter whether the item is worth more or less than the one you donated but everyone must bring at least one quality item of clothing. It’s a good idea to read up on the rules of the rail first!

There are also websites such as Swishing where you can earn ‘tokens’ so that you don’t necessarily need to swap directly with the same person that wants your item.

Top tips to organise your own swishing party

Swishing is a great way to save money and find some ‘new’ clothes, but how do you organise a party?

  • Use social media to plan and promote it as it’s free to use. You can always use a private Facebook group if you don’t want to invite every Tom, Dick and Harriet
  • Turn it into a fundraiser for a charity or even a social event to bring together a group of friends
  • Get people to bring a dish or drink so you don’t have to shell out a fortune on keeping everyone fed and watered
  • Make it fun with a fashion show at the end so everyone can show off their swaps
  • It really is true that ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ so even if you think no one will want something it’s worth taking it along. You can donate any leftovers to charity

It seems that swishing can tick all of the boxes: have a party, save money, be green and keep your wardrobe fresh.

Have you got any swishing tips of your own? Comment below to share your ideas.

Happy swishing!

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