Do you need debt help over Christmas?

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We hope you have a peaceful, and very merry, Christmas

It can be a heartbreaking situation: while your family and friends have fun opening Christmas presents you know that your finances have taken a mortal blow.

If you’re stressed or anxious about your money and need debt advice now we can still help.

It’s better to face up to any debt problems straight away, so you’re aware of what your situation is, and to avoid money worries nagging away at you until January.

Here’s our short, five-step guide to what you can do to address your debt problem over Christmas.

We hope that by going through this step-by-step it’ll feel like you’ve lifted a weight from your shoulders.

  1. Importantly, realise that you’re not alone. Read this excellent blogpost from one of our debt advisors entitled Taking that first debt-free step
  2. Get your financial documents together. Read our article 4 steps you can take now towards a debt free future to find what you’ll need to work out your financial situation
  3. Use our online debt help service Debt Remedy, available 24/7. It’ll take around 20 minutes to complete and will assess your financial situation, including possible debt solutions
  4. Find out more about the debt solutions that have been recommended for your situation via our article 30 second guides to debt solutions
  5. You should now be aware of the scale of the problem and what we can do to help; if you need to speak to someone our Helpline is open every weekday (bar New Year’s Day) at 8am and 9am on Saturday.

Whatever state your finances are in we hope you have a very peaceful Christmas.

At StepChange Debt Charity we want you to be free of debt and save money.

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