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Avoid online scams: top tips to help you

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We like to think we’re a nice bunch of people and we can only assume that you are too. If only everyone could be as lovely as us, eh? Unfortunately, the world isn’t all sunshine and roses. Certain people are determined to scam us out of our money and they’ll try all manner of sneaky tricks to do it.

That’s right. You’re in the real world now and every day can feel like a battle against the con-artists of the web. From hacked email accounts, phishing scams or ID fraud there’s a lot to look out for.

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Warning: debt collection and council tax email scam

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There always seems to be a scam trying to trick us out of our cash or attempting to give us a virus on our computers. Thanks for that, internet scam people. Who are you by the way? Who actually does this?

Anyway, whether it’s a witchcraft spell to make your ex-lover return to you or a request for money from a mysterious person in another country, we’ve got to be on the ball.

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April’s debt and money news

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April’s debt and money news has an ongoing theme of change. With changes to benefits, the way you apply for bankruptcy and the National Living Wage being introduced for those over 25, it’s all happening.

We’ve also got highlights from two of our recently released reports that give us an insight into problem debt in the UK.

That’s not all, it also turns out that we’re still confused by our energy bills and find out why 50 Cent is in trouble yet again with the judge dealing with his bankruptcy…

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Is procrastination costing you money?

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Right now I’m putting off doing three things. Two drawings that people have offered to pay me for and a meter reading. I like drawing, so there’s no reason for me to not be doing that. And the meter reading is a two second job.

I should be ashamed of myself – and I am. Can someone teach me how to be an adult please?

It doesn’t stop there. Only yesterday I cancelled my Sky TV contract. That seems thrifty but my TV broke in December (I fell on it) and I haven’t replaced it. That reminds me I should cancel my TV licence too.

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March’s debt and money news

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Welcome to this month’s debt and money news. As usual, a lot has been going on in the world of…well debt and money.

So, what’s on the round-up this time? Soon we’ll need a TV licence to watch ‘catch-up’ programmes on iPlayer, the FCA refuses authorisation to a debt management company, and the N244 application fee is set to rise.

Elsewhere, a report has highlighted that around four million children are living in fuel poverty, while the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) announces plans to ‘shake up’ the energy industry.

Read on to find out more…

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10 home repairs and DIY fixes you can do yourself

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When something goes wrong in your home, it’s good to know the difference between a job that you can fix and a job that requires professional help to get it sorted.

Knowing how to fix simple things around the home will tend to save you a few quid as you won’t need to hire someone to do it for you. It’s not always easy though, and this comes from someone who’s currently struggling to change a light bulb in the bathroom.

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Will you join our #DebtDay campaign?

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January can be a tough time of year. Up and down the country, people are receiving their first credit card statements after Christmas, and payday still seems a long way away.

We predict that Monday will be our busiest day of the year. On that day alone we expect over 20,000 people will turn to us for debt advice over the phone or online, reporting £50m worth of debt.

And with 21m people around the UK struggling to pay their bills, those are just the people who know where to turn.

We need to reach everyone that needs our help, to let them know we’re here to support them. To do this, we’re running a #DebtDay campaign on Monday. To help spread our message we need your help.

Join our campaign orange button

Can you let those struggling with debt know that free debt advice is available?

On Monday we’re using a platform called Thunderclap to help spread the word about free debt advice.

Thunderclap allows people and organisations to share a Tweet or Facebook message at the same time on the same day. By doing this, the impact of our message is stronger and will reach more people. If you sign up, it’ll automatically post our one-off message on your behalf. We need you to do this so we can reach as many people as possible at the same time.

Join our Thunderclap social media campaign

Joining our Thunderclap campaign is easy and only takes a few minutes:

1. Visit our Thunderclap campaign page
2. Choose the social media account you’d like the message to be posted from
3. Log into Twitter or Facebook if you need to
4. Confirm you’re happy for our one-off message to be posted on Monday at 8.30am
5. That’s it!

Join our campaign orange button

Please will you help us let people struggling with debt know they’re not alone and that we’re here to help?

You never know who you might be helping. You could reach a friend or family member without even knowing they’re struggling with debt. By posting our message you could change someone’s life without realising it.

What else is happening on #DebtDay?

Our 12-hour #DebtDay social media event will include an hourly totaliser of total debt reported, stories from the frontline, a debt clinic and much more. Follow us on the day by searching for the hashtag #DebtDay and by following @StepChange and @MoneyAware on Twitter, or StepChange Debt Charity and MoneyAware on Facebook. Find out more about #DebtDay on our website.

Want to do more to help? Do you have any encouraging words to share with someone who may need debt advice? You can share your experience now, via our survey page.

Photograph of debt advisor saying thanks for supporting debt day