How much fun can you have for a fiver?

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Living on a budget can mean having to avoid expensive forms of entertainment but it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. As part of our series of challenges to the MoneyAware team, this month we’ve investigated how much fun you can have for a fiver.

Our first ideas of how to spend five pounds involved either cheap alcohol or were a bit dodgy but once we set our minds to it we came up with some good ideas. You’d be surprised how far you can stretch five quid while trying to have a good time.

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Consumer Council for Water’s top money-saving water tips

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Consumer Council for Water is an independent industry body which represents the interests of household and business water consumers in England and Wales. They work to make sure your water company delivers the services you expect at an affordable price and can act as your advocate when things go wrong. They also know a lot about saving money on your water and sewage bills. Here’s their Senior Policy Manager Andy White with more…

Pssst! Want to know a secret?

There are now more ways than ever before to reduce the amount you pay for your water and sewerage services.

Okay, so this information isn’t actually classified. But each year thousands of people miss out on savings on their water bills worth millions of pounds. This is because not enough people are aware of the support that’s available, or they don’t expect to get help from their water company.

As the body representing the interests of water customers in England and Wales we’re working hard to change that.

So, what options do you have for saving money on water? By following our top tips, you could soon be making big watery savings!

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September’s money and debt news

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Top stories this month included the government announcing plans to increase general application court fees to £255. This is a jump of £100 from the current fee. Many people are questioning the fairness of this decision.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) wants to let millions of people know that they may be able to claim compensation on a range of card security products they may have purchased. Several of these products were deemed redundant because they offered things a customer is usually entitled to anyway, such as fraud protection.

We also voiced our opinion on the TUC debt report ‘Britain in the Red’, which explored the increase of families with problem debt. Read on for more details…

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10 money-saving tips for parents of students

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Getting ready to start university is stressful enough, but it’s also incredibly stressful when you’re the parent of an adult child about to embark into academia. When it comes to your finances, is one of the most savings-savvy websites around, and Kamal Khuruna’s here with some great tips to help you stay top of the class with your finances.

Every year, university gets expensive both for students and the parents who support them. It’s particularly tough if you struggle with daily costs already while helping your kids at the same time.

But there are ways you can help your student offspring without paying out. Here are ten to start you off.

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50 uses for distilled vinegar

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Vinegar: enhancer of chips, flavour-er of crisps. That’s about it really, isn’t it? Or… is it? Stay with me on this one. In the past year something unusual was brought to my attention. Don’t be alarmed but pre-2015 I was unaware that vinegar could be used for something other than chips.

I’ve never given vinegar much thought. It wasn’t until I searched for frugal cleaning products that it entered my life as the universal solver of problems great and small.

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Credit card insurance compensation: could you be due a pay-out?

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Another case of insurance mis-selling has hit the headlines recently. As many as 2 million people in the UK may be entitled to claim compensation after being sold unnecessary fraud protection insurance for their credit card.

According to the Financial Times, 11 banks and credit card providers marketed the insurance from Affinion International Limited. These policies offered cover against the fraudulent use of lost or stolen credit cards for around £25 per year.

Taking out this extra insurance was unnecessary and meant that customers faced extra costs. Without insurance, customers are usually only responsible if their credit card is used for unauthorised payments of less than £50. Even then it’s paid only in certain circumstances, and only before they report the card lost or stolen.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the body which regulates the industry, hasn’t conducted a formal investigation, and Affinion hasn’t admitted any liability. However Affinion and a range of well-known banks have agreed to take part in the scheme to compensate customers who may have been affected.

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Renting lessons I’ve learned the hard way

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I’ve rented many houses in my time. From rat-infested terraces, to slug-populated basements and mould-filled houses with a sprinkling of damp.

What can I say? It’s been a learning curve.

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