Have you bought anything from a rent-to-own store?

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We all know that sinking feeling that comes when the fridge-freezer stops working, the washing machine suddenly springs a leak or the mattress starts to sag so much that you can feel the bedsprings.

It can be hard to find the money to replace large household items, particularly if it’s an expense you weren’t planning for.

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Skint Dad’s tips for a cracking Bonfire Night

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One person who knows how to have fun on the cheap is Ricky Willis aka Skint Dad – Recently we invited him to share his tips for a thrifty and fun Bonfire Night…take it away, Ricky!

Don’t let your money go up in flames!

Don’t let your money go up in flames!

With Bonfire Night only a few weeks away my kids are already talking about Catherine wheels, sparklers and Guy Fawkes himself.

I must admit there’s something magical about seeing thousands of different coloured sparks rain down from the pitch black sky, and hearing the far-off booms and shrieks of distant rockets. What better excuse to get wrapped up in your winter woollies and snuggle up tight with your loved ones?

Guy Fawkes Night can be a pretty pricey affair, however. Fireworks aren’t always cheap. You then need to factor in stuff like where you want to enjoy the spectacle – your back garden? What if you want to have friends and family over who’ll need feeding and watering? If a big firework display’s more your thing, you’ll need to think of food and transport for you and your brood. Keep going and soon enough, your money is bound to go up in smoke.

That said, I don’t want to be a complete spoilsport and stop my kids missing out on a night of fun (even if I do feel sorry for all the scared animals). Instead I’ve come up with a handful of nifty ways we can do Bonfire Night on the cheap.

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9 thrifty tips for your next job interview

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Our blogger pal Penny Golightly has learned many a useful tip while living well for less. Today she wants to share some advice on how to handle the dreaded job interview. Over to you, Penny!

First impressions are everything!

First impressions are everything

If you have money worries, getting a new job can be a great help.

But how do you smarten up for that all-important interview if you’re on a very tight budget?

In addition to looking at how to get some dapper threads on the cheap, we’ll look at some interview hacks that cost nothing but can prove priceless when landing you that job!

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10 money mistakes we hear every day and how to avoid them

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10 common money mistakes

10 common money mistakes we see every day

I’ve yet to meet someone who hasn’t made a mistake with money at some point in their life. Whether it’s forgetting to cancel a direct debit or paying more than necessary for something, these sneaky slip-ups can happen to the best of us.

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5 sleep hacks – get a better night’s sleep

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sleep hacks

Follow our purrrfect sleep tips

Not sleeping isn’t much fun. You spend all day feeling weary and longing for that moment when your head hits the pillow and then suddenly – POW! – you’re wide awake and your mind is running over all those pointless thoughts you could have been having hours earlier.

As part of our Need to Sleep campaign, we’ve been thinking about ways to cope with sleep problems.

There’s lots of advice available on the internet to help you get to sleep but much of it is either common sense or based on questionable research. After trawling through dozens of articles full of sleep tips (which might be a way to help induce sleep in itself!) I’ve put together a list of five of the most practical steps you can take to improve your sleep.

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Our top 10 favourite sleep-saving articles

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Make sure you get the rest you need

Make sure you get the rest you need

Ah, sleep. Is there anything more sublime? The importance of sleep goes way beyond keeping under-eye circles at bay. It also plays a key part in a healthy lifestyle, and can benefit your heart, weight, mind, and more.

It’s a shame, then, that 7.4 million of us are having trouble sleeping due to money worries. Reading Paul’s Need to Sleep story and hearing various tales from our clients made me want to shake things up with this month’s top ten.

Instead of money-saving, let’s see what sleep-gems are out there on t’Internet!

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Eviction: what happens when you go to court

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Emma, a debt advisor, spent the day at a County Court hearing centre to better understand the eviction hearing process. She’s written this article to share what happens during an eviction hearing and what she learnt from the day.

The county court eviction process

What is the eviction hearing process?

As a debt advisor, I regularly speak to clients who are in rent or mortgage arrears and are concerned about eviction. It’s part of my job to understand the County Court eviction process, explain to clients what to expect at their hearing and how to prepare for it.

However, being fortunate enough to have never been in that situation myself, one thing I can’t talk the client through is how they’ll feel on the day.

So to find out more, I visited a County Court hearing centre to help me to understand more about the process from a client’s perspective.

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