Host your own garden party on a budget

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Spanish tortilla

Make your own Mediterranean feast on a budget!

If you can’t get to Spain, why not bring Spain to you! Lucia in our training team gives you her tips to make a Mediterranean feast on a budget…

Phew, we can all breathe a sigh of relief…summer has finally landed. Well, that’s what my calendar tells me, but the weather’s saying differently at the moment!

At this time of year all my friends want to spend the weekend in the pub, and the cost of this can soon add up.

As an alternative, how about asking the girls round for a summer garden party? If you’ve not got a garden you could easily pack up the food and take it to the park, or even have an indoor picnic. With a little bit of creativity you can whip up some tasty food and drinks without breaking your food budget. If everyone helps out and brings a bottle, you can still be the hostess with the mostess!

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Seen Facebook ads about writing off debt? Get the facts first!

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If you’ve logged on to Facebook recently, you may have noticed some very enticing adverts popping up in your feed. They talk about how the banks “no longer have the upper hand”, and that you, yes you, can finally put your debt behind you by doing what they say.

This is a pretty bold statement to make, considering that the companies putting these ads out know nothing about your financial situation.

The FCA have imposed strict criteria on the financial industry to make sure you’re treated fairly at all times. They also insist that all financial organisations behave in a way that’s clear and not misleading. The ads we’ve seen on Facebook would seem to break these rules.

Our job is to keep you in the know, so let’s take a look at the wording these ads use and why you need to be on your guard…

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How to renew your Tax credits

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People across the UK will soon receive forms to apply for or renew their tax credits. If you already claim Tax credits but your renewal form hasn’t arrived, don’t panic! You should get the form by the end of June.

If you do need to talk anything over with the Tax credit office once you do get your paperwork, keep in mind that the lines are very busy at the moment so you might need to wait a little while to get through. This is likely to be the case right up to the deadline on 31 July.

Renewing Tax credits might seem a bit tricky, but it can be pretty straightforward if you know what information you need to provide.

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20 budget BBQ tips

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Nothing says summer quite like a good old-fashioned BBQ. You’ve been checking the weather all week, perfecting your Aussie “shrimp on the barbie” impersonation and invited your family, friends and your in-laws.

They all expect nothing but culinary greatness from you. But how do you host a memorable day with without spending a fortune?

Here’s our 20 budget BBQ hacks to help you smoke the competition for less.

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Save money on your car’s MOT

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Does the prospect of your car’s next MOT fill you with dread? MOT is short for Ministry of Transport test. For many of us however, it might as well stand for Method of Torture.

You can take some of the pain out of the MOT by being prepared. By getting your car ready for its test you can even reduce the cost along the way.

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Know your rights: June’s debt news

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What a month we’ve had in the world of debt news! It’s been a pretty hectic few weeks, from warnings about identity theft and changes to our credit files, to debt management companies closing down and Wonga launching its new look.

If you’ve not had chance to keep up with it all, don’t fear! This bumper debt news post will get you right up to date.

What are you waiting for?! Grab a cuppa, stick your feet up, and have a read…

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7 ways to cut your medicine costs

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Good health is something we all value – you can’t really put a price on it. Well, that’s what people say, but it’s not entirely true.

In 2014, illness was listed as the fourth biggest reason our clients gave for getting into debt. There can be lots of financial consequences of falling ill, like having to take time off work, make alternative travel or childcare arrangements, or shell out money on prescriptions.

Whether you have a long-term or short-term illness, getting sick can have a huge impact on your finances, especially if you’re already living to a strict budget.

The good news is that there are ways to help lower the costs associated with illness, and in some cases even get rid of them completely. Why cough up more than you need to?!

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