You don’t have to spend money to show you care! Free ways to be romantic

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It’s that time of year again, when the shops deck everything out in red and pink and insist you make grand gestures of declaring your love by spending money on food, drink, and treats.

Is it just me or is it all a bit nauseating? Surely showing someone you care shouldn’t come with a price tag! What if you’d rather not spend a lot of money? Or what if you’d rather show your love in a different way? The best things in life are free after all.

Let’s take a look at some simple ways you can let that special someone know that you care, all year round.

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‘Treating Customers Fairly’: what does it mean and how does it affect you?

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We hear the term ‘treating customers fairly’ quite a bit here at StepChange Debt Charity. It’s something we pride ourselves on, but the term as it’s been set out by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) may not always be easy to understand. 

That’s why our friend Rich Fenton from Doesn’t Grow On Trees is on hand to cut through the jargon and explain how ‘TCF’ really can be of benefit to you when dealing with creditors and other financial institutions. Take it away, Rich!

When we’re going about our daily business, I think it’s fair to say that as a customer we expect fair treatment to be a given, especially when it comes to banks or any company dealing with our precious money.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) also believes that you should be treated fairly at all times, especially when dealing with any firm who is regulated and authorised by them. In fact any firm who is found not to be treating their customers fairly can find themselves in very hot water, and can be subject to eye-watering financial penalties.

That’s all well and good, but how does the FCA’s definition of ‘TCF’ actually benefit you? Is it just a nice ideal, or can it actually help you as a person when dealing with the banks and other financial organisations?

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10 home repairs and DIY fixes you can do yourself

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When something goes wrong in your home, it’s good to know the difference between a job that you can be fix and a job that requires professional help to get it sorted.

Knowing how to fix simple things around the home will tend to save you a few quid as you won’t need to hire someone to do it for you. It’s not always easy though, and this comes from someone who’s currently struggling to change a light bulb in the bathroom.

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Your 2016 10 step financial detox

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Now that we’re in a fresh New Year, it’s all about clean slates, resolutions and working towards being our healthiest in all aspects of life, including money. There’s no better time to give yourself a financial detox!

Let’s make this year the one where you conquer your money woes once and for all. We’ve put together a list of ten financial detox tips to keep you on track…

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5 services you can use right now to help you deal with debt

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If you need help with your debts, you might be surprised to learn that there are lots of tools and services out there that can make the whole process just a bit easier.

In fact, we have five such services on the StepChange Debt Charity website and through our friends at Money Advice Service! Let’s check ‘em out…

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DebtDay Live: our updates from across the charity this #DebtDay

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#DebtDay 2016 latest updates

Find out what we’re posting during our #DebtDay social media event, on what we forecast to be our busiest day of the year.
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Debt and money news – January 2016

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It may be a brand new year but it seems that many of last year’s debt and money issues are far from resolved. It’s also time to fill in your online tax return if you haven’t done so already. No one wants that ugly £100 fine for sending it off late!

On a brighter note, it looks like the bankruptcy application process may be a little bit simpler from April onwards. It also seems that annoying cold-calling firms are finally being taken to task by the powers that be. This should hopefully mean a dramatic reduction in unwanted contact this year.

Also, if you’re a former customer of Cash Genie or its sister companies, you may be owed a refund now that the firms have gone into liquidation. Read on for more details…

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