5 ways your credit report could help you deal with debt

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This is a guest article written by Darren Beach, blog editor and all-round nice guy at Experian Experts.

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Read Experian Experts’ top tips

One place to start dealing with debt – to prevent it and to recover from it – is to check what’s on your credit report.

The data and information held there summarises your credit history, so it can be well worth reviewing it on a regular basis, and making sure it provides an accurate and up-to-date picture of your credit history.

Keeping on top of your credit history can have a positive influence on your finances.

1. Ensure what’s on it is accurate and up to date

Even simple discrepancies on your credit report, such as different ways of listing your name and address, can make a difference. If you do find anything that isn’t accurate, contact the relevant lenders to get an amendment. Getting it right could help you to understand and improve your credit report.

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Experian take over MoneyAware Twitter

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Get your credit report questions answered by the experts!

Get your credit report questions answered by the experts!

As you can imagine, we’re asked a host of questions around debt and money. One of the main concerns that’s raised by people in debt is how those debt problems can affect their credit file, and what they can do to improve it once they’ve taken control of their debts.

Our friends at Experian have long provided expertise in this area (alongside the two other credit report agencies, Equifax and Call Credit), as well as giving guidance on other things such as identity fraud and applying for the right mortgage.

That’s why this Friday (30th January), Experian Experts will be taking over the MoneyAware Twitter account for an hour from 12:30pm to answer you burning questions on credit reports. It’s a perfect opportunity to ask anything you’re not sure about and get any worries cleared up once and for all!

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Dear caller… our advisors write to Helpline callers

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“The greatest lesson I’ve learned from working for StepChange is that the sooner you seek help and speak to someone about your debt, the sooner you’ll start to feel better about the situation.” Helpline advisor

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Our advisors are always here to help

We asked our advisors to write to callers they’d just spoken with, or previous clients that had stuck in their mind for one reason or another.

Asking for help can be one of the hardest things to do. So it’s not surprising that they had a few words of encouragement to share with callers old and new.

Our advisors speak to thousands of people each week and are trained to give expert, impartial debt advice. That doesn’t mean they’re not human though, sometimes a caller’s clientstory can hit a nerve or they experience the frustration of knowing someone won’t follow up on the advice offered.

What do you say to someone that’s reached out to you for help?

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Debt Awareness Week 2015: let’s take control of debt!

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Debt Awareness Week logo

Lets help more people take control of debt than ever

Personal debt is an issue for millions, but in no month is the stress of debt more acutely felt than in January. Many people are feeling broke after the festive season, and may have opted to put off seeking debt advice until now.

It’s estimated that some 2.9 million people urgently need debt advice*. The trouble is that many don’t know where to start.

On Monday we launch our second annual Debt Awareness Week, where we highlight the issue and encourage people to get free debt advice. We want to help more people take control of their debt than ever before.

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Know your rights – December’s debt news

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Know your rights - December's

Know your rights – December’s debt news

The Christmas decorations are packed away and many of us might be packing a bit more padding than we were this time last month.

One thing’s for sure however; money never takes a break from making the news, even during the festive season.

There’s been some pivotal changes by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in how much interest payday lenders can charge their customers, and they also took a closer look at complaints procedures for financial firm customers.

Let’s look at all the latest goings on…

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10 ways to live for free

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Jasmine Birtles of Moneymagpie.com knows all about thrifty living and money saving.
Today, in the first of three blogposts, she shares with us ten ways to live for free… We’re all ears!

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Live for free!

Just because you’re in debt it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a thrifty treat here and there. In fact it’s important to treat yourself every now and then to keep you going as you work off your debt!

The right treats don’t have to cost you a bean either. If you know where to look there are all sorts of freebies on offer all around you.

Here are just a few of the freebies you could be enjoying today and there are links to more elsewhere. Try them out!

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Our 10 most read blogposts of 2014

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Happy New Year!

We can’t believe it’s 2015 already; doesn’t time fly? A little too fast if you ask me. Actually, very suspicious, but we won’t get into that now.

It’s been a hectic year for us with our busiest days ever on the blog, not that we’re complaining of course. We love the attention!

It also means we’re proving useful to people and that’s always our aim. After all, the MoneyAware team are dedicated to bringing you the best budgeting tips, advice and debt news, and we’ve been doing so for over four years now.

It’s become a tradition for us to reflect on the past year and have a look at what you, our readers, thought were our most popular posts. The first week of 2015 seemed like the ideal time to do it, so let the countdown begin!

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