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Planning a baby on a budget

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sleeping babyHaving a baby is one of the biggest changes that can happen in your life and with the costs of raising a child going up, it’s important to plan ahead.

Hormonal ups and downs bring feelings of excitement, anxiety, nervousness, elation and fear; but along with managing all these emotions your finances play a massive part in preparation for a baby.

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Universal Credit – what is it? The new benefits system explained

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Find out about universal credit

What is universal credit?

There are lots of changes coming to the UK benefits system this year.

One of the biggest changes will be the introduction of Universal Credit.

We’ve put together this handy guide to help you understand the basics and hopefully help you navigate the changes.

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Welfare benefits: Check what you’re entitled to

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You might be eligible for more than you thought

You might be eligible for more than you thought

We often hear about people going to prison because they’ve fraudulently claimed benefits, but what about those that don’t claim benefits that they could?

Every year, people in the UK are missing out on benefits and tax credits worth over £10 billion. Much of this money goes unclaimed because people are too proud to claim. Continue reading »


If you’re on benefits, changes are coming in 2013

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The changes could leave you with less cash

The changes could leave you with less cash

There are some big changes to housing and other benefits that will come into effect in April 2013.

If you receive housing benefit to help you pay your rent it’s important that you understand these changes to see if you’ll be affected and what you should do.

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How to get up to date with rent arrears to avoid eviction

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If you’re having problems with your rent arrears, also read our article What happens if you fall into rent arrears?

streets of houses

Rented housing; a financial story behind each door

Hopefully everyone knows that rent is a priority. If you fall behind on payments and don’t make an arrangement to get back up to date it could ultimately mean eviction from your home.

Rent arrears is a growing problem. More than 10,000 people contacted us for help with rent arrears last year, an increase of 27% from 2010. On average, our clients in rent arrears are £760 behind on payments and £82 short of the amount needed to cover living expenses each month. The situation is worse for those in privately rented accommodation. Continue reading »


Debt and money related letters: what to do and how to respond

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Letter with bad news

She’s just got some bad news. At least she opened the letter…

An official-looking letter drops on to the welcome mat. It looks decidedly unwelcoming. It could contain some very bad financial news; you’re scared to open it. But which letters are actually just an inconvenience, and which letters should you sit up and take note of straight away?

The most important advice we can give you is this: open all your letters. Don’t ferret them away or promise to open them later. It’s important that you read and understand everything you receive as it could have a significant effect on your financial wellbeing for years to come. Continue reading »