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Been cold-called by a High Court Enforcement Officer? It could be a scam!

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We’ve all heard of scams from the news or current affairs programmes, and some of us have either been victims of scams or know someone who’s fallen afoul of them. It seems  there’s always someone out there trying to take advantage of us.

We recently received reports from clients who’ve been contacted by a company claiming to be High Court enforcement Officers (HCEOs) collecting a debt. If these kinds of calls aren’t alarming enough, we have reason to believe that they may be the actions of scammers.

The last thing we want to see is you being taken advantage of. While we can’t stop scammers or their dirty work, we can make you aware of some of the danger signs to look out for…

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Warning: debt collection and council tax email scam

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There always seems to be a scam trying to trick us out of our cash or attempting to give us a virus on our computers. Thanks for that, internet scam people. Who are you by the way? Who actually does this?

Anyway, whether it’s a witchcraft spell to make your ex-lover return to you or a request for money from a mysterious person in another country, we’ve got to be on the ball.

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Debt and money news – December 2015

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Do you read the small print when taking out financial products? A report has found that it’s costing us all £428 each year. Remember when smart energy meters were set to make our lives easier? Apparently they could leave us worse off.

Don’t worry though – it’s not all doom and gloom. The drop in oil prices has sparked a petrol price war at the pumps, set to continue into the New Year. We’ve also got the best free ways to track Santa as he delivers presents around the world this Christmas, and news of a new phone scam affecting Brits. Time to find out more…

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