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9 cheap, easy and homemade hair rescue remedies

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Give your hair some loving!

Give your hair some loving!

With all these hectic festive goings on to contend with, you’d be forgiven for letting your hair fall prey to the elements. Winter is far from a follicle’s best friend, and can leave our locks looking dry and tired. With all the get-togethers we’ll be attending, this simply won’t do! 

But here’s the rub…all those fancy hair treatments we see in the shops can seem a bit of a frivolous purchase when you’re trying to stick to a budget.

It’s all very well for our hairdressers to insist we abstain from the cheap stuff with all its chemicals, but when things are tight, lustrous locks are the least of our problems.

I’ve been doing some internet detective work, and it turns out there are some fantastically thrifty home remedies to keep your tresses in check. I even have some of my own tricks of the trade to share too…

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Keeping fit on a budget

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Sally Crosland is a personal fitness trainer and life coach, specialising in outdoor fitness sessions and has written this guest blogpost to show you can lose those extra Christmas pounds without having to sign up to expensive gym memberships.

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A bike can work out cheaper than gym membership

When you’re watching your spending, the last thing on your mind can be fitness.

An expensive gym membership seems out of the question, and with all the equipment and clothing you have to buy, there’s no way to get fit on a budget, right?

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