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Benefits, credit files & collection tactics – Our most read articles in 2013

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Our 2013 most read articles

Our 2013 most read articles

It’s that time of year where we look back and see what you were reading on MoneyAware during 2013.

It’s fair to say that this has been the busiest year for our blog ever – thank you for your participation. We’ve had more comments, questions and visitors than ever before. So in reverse order, here’s what you have been looking at… Continue reading »


Avoid the “bedroom tax”: reduce the impact of the under occupancy charge

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"Bedroom tax" - can you avoid it?

“Bedroom tax” – can you avoid it?

Upcoming benefits changes will mean that if you’re renting from the council or a housing association, and are deemed to have a spare room, you could be facing a reduction in your housing benefit.

This reduction is known as the under occupancy charge (commonly known as the “bedroom tax”).

Renting out your spare room to a lodger is a way to avoid the charge.

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7 “bedroom tax” myths that need busting

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Wake up to money worries

Waking up to the facts about the “bedroom tax”

It seems that changes to benefits brings about a whole new batch of myths, but few have sparked more untruths than the under occupancy charge, commonly known as the “bedroom tax”.

The problem with myths is that they’re interpreted as fact, and that’s where the problems start. With this in mind, let’s take a selection of the rumours we heard recently, and set the record straight… Continue reading »


Overpayment of benefits – are you getting too much?

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filling in tax credit forms can be daunting

Filling in tax credit forms can be daunting

You’ve had a gut feeling you’ve been receiving more unemployment benefit, tax credits or council tax discounts than you may be entitled to for some time now.

The tax office mentioned something about letting them know straight away if you have a change in circumstances. But a few more pounds a week in benefits are far from ‘public enemy number one’ material, right?

If you don’t know a lot about the tax system and how it works it can be downright bewildering. You might end up thinking, “surely they won’t know I’m getting more than I should? Even if they did, what could they do about it?”

As it turns out, there’s a lot they can do about it. Don’t worry, there’s also something you can do to put things right.

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If you’re on benefits, changes are coming in 2013

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The changes could leave you with less cash

The changes could leave you with less cash

There are some big changes to housing and other benefits that will come into effect in April 2013.

If you receive housing benefit to help you pay your rent it’s important that you understand these changes to see if you’ll be affected and what you should do.

Let us take you through the changes so you can start to plan now. Continue reading »


How to get up to date with rent arrears to avoid eviction

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If you’re having problems with your rent arrears, also read our article What happens if you fall into rent arrears?

streets of houses

Rented housing; a financial story behind each door

Hopefully everyone knows that rent is a priority. If you fall behind on payments and don’t make an arrangement to get back up to date it could ultimately mean eviction from your home.

Rent arrears is a growing problem. More than 10,000 people contacted us for help with rent arrears last year, an increase of 27% from 2010. On average, our clients in rent arrears are £760 behind on payments and £82 short of the amount needed to cover living expenses each month. The situation is worse for those in privately rented accommodation. Continue reading »