Benefits, credit files & collection tactics – Our most read articles in 2013

Our 2013 most read articles

Our 2013 most read articles

It’s that time of year where we look back and see what you were reading on MoneyAware during 2013.

It’s fair to say that this has been the busiest year for our blog ever – thank you for your participation. We’ve had more comments, questions and visitors than ever before. So in reverse order, here’s what you have been looking at…

Credit files and budgeting and apps

We review 5 Android and iPhone budgeting apps. It seems you guys are very smart with your smartphones. Any help with budgeting is always welcome, and what’s more apt than a useful app?

How do other people’s debts affect me? A heavily searched-for article that proves that people really do worry a lot about their credit rating. Do other people’s debts effect you in anyway? Have a read and find out.

In like flint at number eight is this article on default notices. The article explains what they are and what they mean. It’s also touches on credit ratings and how they work.

Payday loans and benefit changes

In our seventh most popular article we explain in a clear manner what to do if you can’t afford a payday loan payment. Payday loans really hit the headlines in 2013. The sheer number of people who read this article shows the scale of the problem.

Also in the news were the 2013 benefit changes. People wanted to know what the changes were and what that would mean to their entitlements.

In at number five is an article about what to do if you receive a county court judgment (CCJ). This is a really useful article for people who receive a CCJ and have no idea where to turn for help.

Your debts written off!

Some fee-charging debt management companies often use advertising claiming that you can have ‘your debts written off’. We thought we’d clarify exactly what this meant with a widely-read blogpost entitled “Your debts written off!”: Is it too good to be true?. If you want to find out what’s behind that clever advertising slogan read the article and find out the actual facts.

Our third most popular blogpost was again about the benefits system. It seems people were desperate for information on the changes to housing benefit in 2013. We explained how these changes would affect you.

Cancelling payments and the collection process

The scale of problem payday lending becomes clearer when you see that nearly 70,000 people read the blogpost about how to cancel a continuous payment authority on a payday loan. (That means a lot of people had payday loans that they couldn’t afford to repay.)

Number one with a bullet

And finally the topper most of the poppermost; our most popular blogpost of 2013 is the evergreen You’re in debt but what can your creditors actually do? This article explains the powers that creditors have to recover a debt. The blogpost has also received many comments from people asking for help and advice, which we’re always happy to give.

If you want us to cover a subject, or talk about something that concerns you, leave us a comment and we’ll get back to you.

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