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When good money-saving recipes go bad

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The MoneyAware team read tons of thrifty and delicious recipes every day, and we try to practice what we preach, and cook them.

So when James recently had the bright idea that we attempt to make something yummy from some cheap cuts of meat, I jumped at the opportunity. I wish I hadn’t.

When I was assigned with cooking beef shin I really didn’t know what to expect. I should’ve known I was in trouble when I told the butcher I intended on roasting the beef shin rather than stew it. Why? Because he pulled this face at me.

Recognise it? You should. That’s the face you pull when someone’s clearly put their make-up on in the dark. That’s what you look like when someone grabs the karaoke mic after one too many sambuca shots. That’s the face you’ll be wearing until you get to the end of this article, too. You’ve been warned…

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Thrifty eats – we put cheap cuts of meat to the test!

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We love saving money, especially if it means not having to compromise on quality. And meat is one of those areas where quality really matters.

Are “cheap” cuts of meat always all that cheap? Can they be as tasty as more expensive cuts of meat? Are they a nightmare to cook with? Are the MoneyAware team all terrible cooks?

We’ve experimented with cooking with four different types of cheap cuts of meat to see if they’re good value and tasty (plus one vegetarian option, to show you don’t always need to eat meat!).

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