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How can I make money from market research?

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Are you living on a budget and looking to maximise your income? Finding easy ways to make a little extra cash can come in handy when your finances are stretched.

But how do you make money from market research? What exactly is it anyway?
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20 weird and wonderful ways to make money – part three!

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It’s not just about car boot sales and selling stuff on eBay. There are so many easy and fun ways to make more money. Part one and part two of our ‘weird ways’ series continue to be wildly popular, so we thought it was high time to break out part three!

From testing dog food to queuing up for cash, let’s take a look at some more miraculous methods of maximising your moolah…

(The following ideas for making extra money may not be suitable for all readers and have been covered for entertainment as well as information purposes).

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10 ways to make extra money to pay off debt

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Jasmine Birtles of Moneymagpie.com knows all about thrifty living and money saving.
In her second of three blogposts, she shares her top tips on making some extra cash.

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Money making tips!

The quickest ways to pay off debt is to cut your costs and increase your income. By doing that you’ve found a way to put much more into paying off debts each month.

We all know about cutting costs, but did you know there are loads of ways you can make some extra cash here and there?

Here are just a few of them – there are a lot more out there though!

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