People of StepChange: Getting debt advice

Every Friday on our social media channels we like to feature one our colleagues in our ‘People of StepChange’ photo project. Have you spoken with one of them in the past?

We’ve got lots of lovely people working here at StepChange Debt Charity and we thought it would be good to highlight the work they do – hence ‘People of StepChange’, launched in the spring.

This month we’ve shared photos of colleagues who help people when they first come to us for advice. These are the people on the front line, of one sort or another.

Bex in our debt helpline

If you call our debt helpline then you’ll speak to one of our helpline advisors. Bex takes down details of our clients’ situations and if needed, will set up a phone call with one of our debt advisors.

“Being the first person people talk to about their debt problems is really rewarding. Sometimes I can feel their relief…

Posted by MoneyAware on Friday, 3 July 2015

Michelle in our debt advice team

The next stage in our process is to speak to a debt advisor. This will mean completing a full income and expenditure budget and talking over the available debt solutions. Michelle works in our Glasgow office, and gives advice on Scottish debt solutions.

“I like helping people get back in control of their finances. Nobody should have to struggle with their debt situation alone.”Michelle, Debt Advisor, Glasgow

Posted by MoneyAware on Friday, 17 July 2015

Andrew in our digital department

Nearly half of our clients don’t actually call us – they use our online Debt Remedy tool to get debt advice. Andrew is in charge of the team that looks after the charity’s online services.

“The first thing most people do these days is look for debt help online – that’s definitely what I’d do – so my work is…

Posted by MoneyAware on Friday, 24 July 2015

Ashe in our Web Helpline

Most people using Debt Remedy are able to get the same debt advice they would receive over the phone, but without having to talk to anyone. Often it’s useful to talk to an actual human though, and that’s where Ashe comes in. He works in the team that supports Debt Remedy users, over live chat, email and the phone.

“Working here makes me feel like one of the good guys” – Ashe, Web Advisor, Leeds

Posted by MoneyAware on Friday, 31 July 2015

Charlotte in our Advice Plus team

Our support doesn’t stop when clients have had their initial debt advice session. Charlotte works in our Advice Plus team, which helps clients after they’ve had debt advice and before they’ve started their debt solution. This might mean giving advice about filling out a bankruptcy application, paperwork to set up a debt management plan (DMP), or advice about dealing with debt collectors.

“One thing I’ve learned by working for the charity is there’s help for everyone, no matter what the situation.”Charlotte, Debt Advisor

Posted by MoneyAware on Friday, 10 July 2015


These are just a handful of the people that work behind the scenes at StepChange Debt Charity to help people to deal with their debts. We’ll be back next month with more People of StepChange; we want to highlight the great work our colleagues do day in day out.

Did someone give you particularly great service? Name-check them in the comments and we’ll see if we can add their photo.

If you need debt help you could speak to one of our colleagues by calling our debt helpline – there’s a chance you could end up speaking to one of the people pictured above! Alternatively you can get free online debt advice using our Debt Remedy tool.



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