Don’t leave home without these 5 money-saving apps

Among your games, messaging and social media apps there should always be a dedicated money-saving section to fire up whenever you’re looking for a bargain.

However with so many apps out there, which ones offer you genuinely quick, easy ways to save money?

We set out to do the hard work for you by testing a heap of different apps to see which offered the best value, discounts and ease-of-use.

Here’s our round-up of 5 free apps you shouldn’t leave home without.

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App-solutely fabulous phone apps

1. Vouchercloud

Vouchercloud (available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry) was by far our most frequently used app for getting a better deal, mainly because it’s so simple to use and is great at finding deals no matter where you are. Any time you pop out for something to eat, drink or go shopping, the app will find the nearest deals and in some cases (including my Valentine’s Day meal) you can chop your bill in half with a few quick taps.

This app should take pride-of-place on anyone’s phone. Although be warned – you might end up feeling a bit disappointed if you don’t get a bargain each time you’re out shopping!

2. RedLaser

The idea behind RedLaser (available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone) is simple. Open the app, grab the product you’re thinking about buying and scan the barcode. Yes, people might think you’re a bit strange but what they don’t realise is that the app is searching through masses of online and local retailers to find you the cheapest place to buy the item you’re after.

We found the app worked particularly well when looking at higher-priced items. For example printer cartridges (which can cost more per ml than vintage bubbly) were £30 at a local PC retailer, but a quick scan with RedLaser revealed they were less than £15 online – a true bargain!

3. Mobile banking apps

Whoever you bank with, they’re almost guaranteed to have an app to check your balance, transfer money and do your everyday banking with. Knowing exactly where your money is going is the most important way to keep track of your spending and plan your budget.

The benefit of banking apps also include no queuing in branches or listening to cheesy hold music on repeat!

4. mySupermarket

Ever wondered if those gravy granules you’re buying from your local supermarket are the cheapest around? Well you’ll love mySupermarket (available for iOS and Android). The app helps you build and manage your shopping list and then find the best offers at each shop.

mySupermarket also compares the price of your shop to other supermarkets so you can avoid overpaying at the checkouts. There are options for cashback vouchers and the ability to set ‘price alerts’ on your favourite items too. All of this means you can shop safe in the knowledge you’re not getting a raw deal.

5. Toshl

As experts in saving and savviness, we’ve seen our fair share of budgeting apps. Toshl (available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Symbian) is our personal favourite. Unlike some budgeting apps, Toshl keeps the chore of budgeting simple, easy and straightforward.

You start by tapping in your income and budget goal. You then use the app to keep track of what you’ve spent each day. If you’re a bit forgetful the app will remind you to add your spending at the end of the day. This builds up a picture of your budget, spending areas and most importantly shows you how much you’ve got left.

But most importantly before you go shopping, remember the MoneyAware mantra…

A good deal is only a good deal if you were going to buy it in the first place
Do you have a money-saving app that you think we should check out? Let us know in the comments!

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