Cheap home improvements – 7 easy tips to spruce up your home

Cheap home improvements

This couple are delighted with their accessorised sofa!

We’re great at giving you help with debt but we’d much rather you didn’t get into debt in the first place. One of the ways people can get into debt is through attempting costly home improvements. These are often expensive and can lead to taking out unaffordable loans.

As the Ideal Homes Show runs every March we thought we’d give you seven tips to spruce up your home without having to break your budget…

1.      Restore – smarten up your old stuff

If you’ve got a tatty old chair that’s past its best then a bit of tender love and care could give it a completely new look. We’re not the experts on furniture renovation but if you fancy having a go at a “shabby chic” chair then this video will show you what to do:

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2.      Charity shops – help a good cause and pick up a bargain too!

If your current furniture is just plain shabby rather than shabby chic you may have no choice but to replace it. Charity shops will often stock furniture that’s in great condition but is a fraction of the cost. This way you’ll be doing your wallet a favour and helping out a deserving cause.

Another advantage to buying second hand furniture rather than flatpack stuff from Ikea or Argos is that you’ll have less assembly to do. Rather than wrestle with bits of chipboard your furniture will be made up – no Allen keys required!

If you’re not sure where your nearest one is, there’s an online tool to find charity shops.

3.      Paint – don’t splash the cash, splash the paint

If you’re feeling a bid fed up with your home the give it a fresh look. Slapping up a new coat of paint will liven up your walls and help you fall in love with the room all over again. OK, you’ll have to pay for the paint and brushes but if you do it yourself you’ll save loads compared to using a painter and decorator.

If you’re renting then it’s worth having a word with your landlord about the costs of painting – they should be willing to chip in towards the costs.

Find out how to paint a room:

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4.      Clear out – have a spring clean

I’m a messy person, so am in no position to preach here but it’s fair to say that having a really good clear out will help to show your home off to its best. So before spending loads of money on home renovations, spend a few hours tidying up and throwing out your accumulated clutter. It’ll make the house feel a lot better.

Watch this video to find out more about decluttering:

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5.      Light bulbs – brighten your horizons

Show off the best sides of your rooms. Dimly and unevenly lit rooms can feel small and gloomy. Make sure all your light fittings have working bulbs in and the few pounds you spend will make your home look brighter and more attractive.

6.      Accessorise – a few little extras

It’s easy to get bored with your furniture and want to splash out on a new sofa just so you can have a change. A few new cushions will give your settee a new look and you’ll be able to save your cash until the sofa really needs replacing.

7.      Reorganise – move around your stuff

Have you ever noticed that every few months the supermarkets move around the stock on their shelves? It’s to stop you getting stuck in a pattern of going to the same places every time. By moving things around it stops you getting stuck in a routine.

Moving your furniture can have just the same effect on your house. If you change the layout of a room it’ll still be the same old stuff but you’ll be looking at it with a new perspective!

Finally, one thing to remember is not to worry too much. You don’t need to keep up with the Joneses with the latest gadgets or home improvements. Just having a bit of pride and joy in your home can be good enough!

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