Why work for StepChange Debt Charity?

Zoe, Debt Advisor

Zoe, Debt Advisor

We’re the UK’s leading debt charity and we’re continuing to grow. If you’re interested in joining our team check out our website and see the latest vacancies for StepChange jobs.

However, before you go and check what’s available we’d like to show you exactly why our colleagues love working here. Below is a glimpse into some the reasons why StepChange Debt Charity is a great place to work.

“It feels like you are really helping people and making a difference to their lives.” Hazel, IVA Drafter

“We make a positive difference to people’s lives every day. I now, cannot imagine being in a role where I didn’t help people.” Nicola, Debt Advisor

“I can’t think of any other job where you can transform somebody’s life in a 30 minute phone call, and experience their relief and happiness.” Claire, Helpline Advisor

“Hearing the relief in someone’s voice at the end of the call is so rewarding.” Lisa, Helpline Advisor

“We give life changing advice, you can start a call with a client feeling upset and desperate and you can finish a call with them laughing with you – this is because we support, reassure and give the very best advice to our clients, it’s so rewarding!” Charlotte, Debt Advisor

“I get to help people every single day. Working here fills me with an intense feeling of pride. Working for StepChange is the most rewarding job I have ever had and I’ve had a few!” Mark, Helpline Advisor


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