Get debt help this weekend

Start your debt free journey this weekend

Start your debt free journey this weekend

For many of us, the words ‘Saturday night’ can conjure up a whole host of thoughts, from that dodgy 90s dance track Whigfield did to the solace of knowing we may be in line to enjoy a lovely lie-in on Sunday morning.

For others however, the weekend’s the only window of opportunity they have to get help with debt.

Imagine our surprise when we recently discovered that over 17,000 people have used our online advice tool Debt Remedy on a Saturday or Sunday since the start of the year. It made us wonder why this might be – we think there are four main reasons…

1. Calls from debt collectors

Many debt collection agencies will contact people at the weekend because they’re more likely to get through. It’s legal for them to do so, as long as it’s in a reasonable hour. This makes us think that with a bit more free time available, people might be prompted to get debt advice right after the phone call.

Don’t let calls from debt collectors ruin your weekend – read our handy guide on how to deal with them.

2. High on debt, low on time

Many people opt to use Debt Remedy at the weekend because they simply don’t get the time during the week to seek debt advice. This can down to a range of factors from family demands to health issues. Also, if you’re in work you might not want your boss looking over your shoulder while dealing with a debt worry.

Add to this the issue of getting all the necessary information together before you go through Debt Remedy. The great thing is that you can log in and out of the service as much as you need to, meaning that you can always come back to Debt Remedy and add missing information another time.

3. We’re in this together

Like with many things in life, people in relationships often want to tackle their debt and money problems together rather than let one person muddle on alone. It can be tough to find a time when both partners are free, which for many of us is the weekend.

Conversely, if a person is struggling with debt alone and not telling their partner about it, it’s easier to retreat to somewhere quiet in the house and use Debt Remedy when the kids are preoccupied or the other half’s favourite TV show is on.

4. Help when we’re ‘closed’

And finally, the most obvious reason for using Debt Remedy at the weekend is because our helpline isn’t open on Sunday. But Debt Remedy is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, ready to give you a debt solution in just 20 minutes, the same solution you’d get by speaking to one of our advisors on the phone.

The bottom line is that weekends are meant to be a time of relaxation, a chance to decompress, reflect on the week and spend quality time with yourself as well as your loved ones.

We know how hard this can be when you’re struggling with a debt problem but the longer you leave it the worse it’s likely to get. If you’ve got money worries this weekend is the ideal time to re-take control of your finances with our online tool Debt Remedy.

A small window of time out of your weekend can mean a big change for the better in your life.




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