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Customers of these three debt management firms should call their creditors now and seek free debt advice

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If your debt management firm's closed down, we can help

If your debt management firm’s closed down, we can help

Yesterday morning, The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) warned the customers of three debt management firms to contact their creditors and find out exactly what they owe on their debts.

The debt management firms in question are Sterling Financial Security Limited (Sterling), Haydon Associates Debt Management Consultants Limited (Haydon) and Clear View Finance Limited (Clear View), all based in Lichfield.

Most customers of these firms have had 90% of their monthly payments deducted in fees, meaning that only 10p out of every pound they were paying was actually going towards their debts.

The FCA have announced that these firms have failed to comply with the requirement to provide regular written balance statements to customers. As a result, the FCA has withdrawn permission for them to offer debt management services or set up new debt management plans.

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6 seriously simple tricks to save money on water

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Avoid water arrears

Save money on water with these easy tricks

Every day in the UK we waste about 1,200 Olympic size swimming pools of water. If you’ve got a meter that’s money down the drain.

Big bills can lead to debt problems like water arrears, so it makes money sense to be wise with water!

You’ll be shocked how much money you can save on your water bill by making seriously simple changes.

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Statute barred debt: A step-by-step guide

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What counts as credit?

Can Statute Barred debt be written off?

We never encourage people to avoid paying their debts. You won’t hear us making false claims about “getting your debts written off”. That’s what daytime TV advert breaks are for.

We’re here to give the expert debt help and practical solutions people need to get back in control of their finances.

That being said, we’re here for you. And as my old school teacher use to say (a lot), “knowledge is power”. I want you to be armed with everything you need to get debt free and stay there. That’s why I want you to know about statute barred debt.

Update: Read more about statute barred debt on our website.

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Get debt help this weekend

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Start your debt free journey this weekend

Start your debt free journey this weekend

For many of us, the words ‘Saturday night’ can conjure up a whole host of thoughts, from that dodgy 90s dance track Whigfield did to the solace of knowing we may be in line to enjoy a lovely lie-in on Sunday morning.

For others however, the weekend’s the only window of opportunity they have to get help with debt.

Imagine our surprise when we recently discovered that over 17,000 people have used our online advice tool Debt Remedy on a Saturday or Sunday since the start of the year. It made us wonder why this might be – we think there are four main reasons…

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Financial stress – 6 tips to help you cope when you’re in debt

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Don't let debt stress get the better of you!

Don’t let debt stress get the better of you!

We know that  debt problems and feeling anxious or depressed are linked, so it’s important to do whatever you can to make yourself feel better if you’ve got money worries.

Getting practical advice is always useful but you should also be aware of the emotional impact of debt.

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Your debt help checklist: 4 steps you can take now towards a debt free future

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Steps to get out of debt

Take action to deal with your debts

We always recommend that you seek free and impartial advice before deciding on which debt solution is best for you but what documentation do you need to gather before you contact us for help? Here’s your essential checklist of actions to help you prepare for when you need debt help. Continue reading »


Overpayment of benefits – are you getting too much?

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filling in tax credit forms can be daunting

Filling in tax credit forms can be daunting

You’ve had a gut feeling you’ve been receiving more unemployment benefit, tax credits or council tax discounts than you may be entitled to for some time now.

The tax office mentioned something about letting them know straight away if you have a change in circumstances. But a few more pounds a week in benefits are far from ‘public enemy number one’ material, right?

If you don’t know a lot about the tax system and how it works it can be downright bewildering. You might end up thinking, “surely they won’t know I’m getting more than I should? Even if they did, what could they do about it?”

As it turns out, there’s a lot they can do about it. Don’t worry, there’s also something you can do to put things right.

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