7 ways to use the web and pay off your DMP quicker

The pennies soon turn into pounds

The pennies soon turn into pounds

Whether you’ve been on your debt management plan for some time or you’ve just recently started, it can be a big relief to know that your debts are being chipped away at each month. What a contrast to how things were before you first got in touch with us.

You may be starting to wonder however if there’s any way you could get your debt management plan paid off sooner. Let’s take a look at how the web can help you get your DMP paid off quicker!

Upping your income might be easier than you think, especially by using online tools and websites. Here are our tips to give you that extra online nudge towards the finish line.

1.    Have a big clear out

If you’re reading this at home right now, take a quick look around; do you see anything you’re just not that into anymore? Do you really need all those dresses or suits in your wardrobe? If there’s a layer of dust on your games console then chances are you’ll get by without it.

Dedicate a weekend to sorting through your unwanted stuff. There’ll be at least some things you can stick on eBay or Gumtree. If it’s a unique item such as a handmade necklace or painting, crafty website Etsy might be just up your street.

2.    Real talent costs money

Got a hobby that could earn you a couple of quid? There’s lots of things you could do in your spare time to raise funds. Do you like to knit or sew? Handmade kitschy clothes are high fashion in these austere times. Maybe you know a second language –there’s probably lots of people who’d pay money to expand on their linguistics.

3.    Britain’s got talent

You don’t even have to be particularly creative to make more money. Starsinmyeyes.tv has a noticeboard that’s constantly updated with opportunities to be a TV extra – many of them are paid.

4.    Go for a walk

If you love animals, you could get paid to be a dog walker in your spare time. Go to Dog Walking Now for more information.

5.    Focus groups

Companies will pay generously for your valued opinion. Focus groups have proved invaluable for brands wanting to know how best to reach their desired audience. Make your voice count and go to Paid Focus Group for more information.

6.    Big Compin’

Set aside an hour a day and try your hand at ‘comping’. You can enter lots of cash prize competitions online for free rather than sending a postcard or paying hefty 0845 phone charges. The Money Saving Expert forum has a fantastic competitions section. You never know your luck…

7.    Our survey says…

Much like with focus groups, surveys are another way in which various companies reward you for your much valued opinion.  Martin Lewis has written a fantastic article about how best to make surveys work for you. It will require a little bit of work but your perseverance will soon pay off – literally!

Do you have any suggestions for paying your DMP off quicker using the web? Tweet us at MoneyAware.

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