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A bit of inside knowledge

For our recent debtday event we asked our former clients on their thoughts about debt, getting credit and their experiences of debt advice from StepChange Debt Charity.

They’ve all had debt problems in the past but have successfully repaid a debt management plan and are now free of money worries. So, all in all, they know their stuff when it comes to the emotions around personal finance.

When we interviewed some of them, they also gave us some very interesting quotes that they live their lives by. Here are 10 quotes direct from them it could be wise to take heed of…

  1. “I can safely say I will NEVER take out credit as I know that I can manage and spend what I earn.”

– Sarah, Cardiff

  1. “(I’ve reaffirmed) my priority which is to clear my debts in a shorter time frame than I had initially expected some years ago.”

– Michael, East Sussex

  1. “ I know that my story is multiplied all over the country to a greater or lesser degree but with the help of my sons and StepChange I was able to stay strong and deal with the issues in front of me.”

– Robert, West Midlands

  1. “If anyone finds themselves staring at mountain of paperwork…feeling numb and helpless, the best phone call they could ever make is to StepChange.”

– Elaine and Barry, Devon

  1. “I’m living proof that no matter how bad things seem you can get through it!”

-Natalie, Northamptonshire

Do you have any money quotes that you live your life by? Let us know!

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  • Keith Baker

    I found the 10 words of wisdom from debt free clients very useful and inspiring. I agree with them all. I shall certainly never ever again get another credit card or a bank loan … once I’m debt free I shall have several hundreds of pounds to save or spend how I wish, without any interest. If I can’t afford it, I will save for it! A much better way to live than constantly building up debts and wasting money on high interest rates! The more people start to live this way the more the banks and credit companies will realise they have to work harder to give better and fairer services to us the customers who keep them in business!