Answer the door

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So you answered the door and it was an ‘Enforcement Agent’. What does that mean anyway? Just a posh name for a bailiff?

Everything you’ve read has always said not to let an enforcement agent in and not to sign anything, but you didn’t want to make a scene and it was cold outside. So you let her in.

She explained she was here to collect unpaid council tax arrears of just over £500 and asked why you’d ignored the bill.

How embarrassing! You had no idea that you owed so much – she started explaining the fees but it was all so confusing and you just wanted to run and hide from it all. You just didn’t know what to say.

She must have realised how distressed you were and to an extent seemed empathetic. She passed a leaflet and said you should call StepChange Debt Charity for advice. She said they’re free and there to help. Maybe lunchtime tomorrow will be a good time, but for now at least she’s gone.

Now’s the time to take control – it’s been put off for too long and the thought of another stranger coming into the house is sickening.

You ring StepChange Debt Charity and they help to come up with a plan of action. Yes it should have been dealt with a lot sooner but at least there are options and they can talk you through them clearly.

The debt hasn’t disappeared and there’s still a long way to go, but now you have practical advice and there are people at StepChange Debt Charity that offer debt advice and support for free.

Wish you’d ignored the door?

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