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Consumer Council for Water’s top money-saving water tips

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Consumer Council for Water is an independent industry body which represents the interests of household and business water consumers in England and Wales. They work to make sure your water company delivers the services you expect at an affordable price and can act as your advocate when things go wrong. They also know a lot about saving money on your water and sewage bills. Here’s their Senior Policy Manager Andy White with more…

Pssst! Want to know a secret?

There are now more ways than ever before to reduce the amount you pay for your water and sewerage services.

Okay, so this information isn’t actually classified. But each year thousands of people miss out on savings on their water bills worth millions of pounds. This is because not enough people are aware of the support that’s available, or they don’t expect to get help from their water company.

As the body representing the interests of water customers in England and Wales we’re working hard to change that.

So, what options do you have for saving money on water? By following our top tips, you could soon be making big watery savings!

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How to save money on your water bill with WaterSure

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giant tap in sky illustration

Could you save money on your water bill?

I remember learning about the water cycle at school and drawing big fluffy clouds and rivers in my exercise book and writing long words next to them that meant very little to me at the time.

To be honest evaporation, condensation and precipitation still mean very little to me, but having clean water running out of my tap means quite a lot. But I must have missed the part of the lesson where they said we had to pay for that last bit.

A lot of people try to cut back on the amount of water they use either because they’re concerned about the environmental impact or want to save money. We’ve written about some of the ways you can save money by using less water before, but if you’re struggling to pay your water bill, what can water companies do to help?

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6 seriously simple tricks to save money on water

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Avoid water arrears

Save money on water with these easy tricks

Every day in the UK we waste about 1,200 Olympic size swimming pools of water. If you’ve got a meter that’s money down the drain.

Big bills can lead to debt problems like water arrears, so it makes money sense to be wise with water!

You’ll be shocked how much money you can save on your water bill by making seriously simple changes.

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