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Our 14 favourite tweets from our 25th birthday celebrations

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On the 25 January, we celebrated our 25th anniversary.

We were pleased as punch with all the birthday wishes we received, and here are some of our favourites. Continue reading »


My debt hell

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If you need help with your debt problems visit the debt advice section of the StepChange Debt Charity website.

Hurt cash

Feeling battered and bruised

This is a an opinion article by one of our clients known on the MSE forum as “Sickasachip”

My partner and I had accumulated debt over our adult lives mainly due to poor financial management and the lure of ever available credit.

Access to that pot of credit meant that we never really questioned our spending. If we wanted something, or were running short of money, we’d just use one of the cards.

This pattern went on for years and years and when I was made redundant and the small redundancy payment was spent we relied on our learned behaviour of using overdrafts and credit cards, extending the credit further on each of them.

We were using the cards to pay for groceries, petrol and the withdraw cash to pay the monthly credit card bills. This continued for a year, until the credit ran out.

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