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Watch out for this Facebook scam targeting MoneyAware readers!

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“Don’t talk to strangers” is a line that parents often drill into their kids from a young age. For me the phrase still brings to mind the image of the Child Snatcher in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, which terrified me throughout my childhood.

With the rise of social media, baddies can find out information about you at the click of a button. Knowing who we should and shouldn’t trust is even more important. The trouble is, not everyone out to scam you will look like undertakers dressed as clowns trying to entice you with free lollipops.

This time though, they’re targeting MoneyAware followers…

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10 ways to stop debt collectors finding you on social media

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spy snooping blinds

They’re watching you!

Recently we found a list of top 10 social media collections tips on the fascinating Credit and Collections blog, a website for the debt collection trade. It’s amazing – but not surprising – to find that some debt collectors are using  underhand tactics to find debtors online.

We’re right to be nervous about unscrupulous agents. Last year Facebook warned debt collectors not to use its service to track down those owing money after a woman in Florida was stalked for non-payment of a car loan. In April this year the judge told the collector to cease and desist.

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