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Top 5 debt and money news stories in March

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The Spring Budget, zero hour contracts and a 30-year low in homeownership were just some of the biggest debt and money-related news stories this month.

Alongside that there’s news that families in England and Wales are spending more on their bills than food…

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Know your rights – November’s debt news

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Debt news

Catch up with this month’s debt news!

There’s been so much going on in the world of debt news this month, I hardly know where to start.

How about the holiday pay plans a’brewing?

Or the fact that as a nation we’ve been conned out of £24m by telephone fraudsters this year?

Or the news that Wonga is removing their sponsorship from kiddies’ football kits?

If you’ve not had time to catch up with the latest debt news, it’s time to put your feet up and have a read…

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It’s an IVA overtime salary bonus

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This page contains information about debt solutions available in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Debt advice in Scotland involves similar but different solutions. Before considering an IVA as a debt solution, please make sure you fully understand the risks involved. Please visit our website for more information.

Overtime? Bonus!

Overtime? Bonus!

An IVA can be an effective solution when you’re struggling with unsecured debts.

The secret to keeping on top of an IVA is to stick to your budget and keep a close eye on any overtime, or bonuses or increases in your salary.


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