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Overdraft debt: what to do if you’re constantly overdrawn

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We’ve published new research which shows that 2.1 million people were stuck in their overdraft for all of 2016. Sound familiar? We should be able to help.

Our research about overdrafts revealed that many people are stuck in their overdrafts, locked in a cycle of borrowing that’s hard to break free from. Overdrafts are meant to be dipped into occasionally to help with a short-term problem, but millions are relying on them to cover basic living costs.

But what can you do to try and get ‘back in the black’? We investigate four steps you can take to help.

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May’s debt and money news

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This month we’ve been keeping an eye out on the latest scams, with reports of people getting suspicious-looking emails about Council Tax arrears.

Search giant Google has taken the decision to ban payday loan adverts from its search results, and do you know exactly what’s in your bank account? According to a report, two thirds of us are happy to remain blissfully unaware! It’s all here in May’s debt and money news.

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10 money mistakes we hear every day and how to avoid them

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10 common money mistakes

10 common money mistakes we see every day

I’ve yet to meet someone who hasn’t made a mistake with money at some point in their life. Whether it’s forgetting to cancel a direct debit or paying more than necessary for something, these sneaky slip-ups can happen to the best of us.

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Don’t make the wrong decision when you need debt help

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Make sure you do the right thing

We regularly hear from people who have buried their head in the sand and let their debt situation spiral out of control. This can be due to having too many payday loans, spending too much on credit cards or any number of other reasons.

From the release of our 2011 Statistics Yearbook last month we already know that 45% of people wait over a year before asking for debt help. It seems as though people try and exhaust all possible options before admitting that they need debt help.

So what are these other options? And more importantly, what are the consequences of not getting advice from a free and impartial charity like us?

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