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Nuisance calls: 5 things other countries do that should happen here

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The telephone rings. You pick it up, and at the other end of the line is somebody trying to sell you a payday loan, or help you reclaim PPI, or telling you how to get money for an accident that wasn’t your fault (and, amazingly, one you didn’t know you’d had).

Annoying isn’t it?

But it’s not just annoying. It’s also harmful. These calls can leave those in financial difficulty vulnerable to making decisions that will make their situation worse. That’s why in October 2013 we launched our Got Their Number campaign; to increase the level of protection offered to hard-pressed families.

So how have things progressed over the past 18 months? And what do other countries do to stop the scourge of nuisance calls that we should do here?

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How to deal with nuisance calls and texts

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Worried woman on phone

They’ve rung you again…

It’s dinnertime. You’re just about to tuck into your food and maybe have a catch up with family or watch a favourite TV programme…then the phone rings.

You pick up thinking it might be a family member wanting a chat or your other half saying they’re stuck in traffic. Instead, you’re greeted by a telemarketer.

The clamour of noise you hear can only mean a busy call centre, and already you have an inkling of what’s coming. Your eyes roll as they waffle on about “recent government legislation” or a “debt consolidation scheme“.

Sound familiar?

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Fed up with nuisance calls and texts? Make a complaint

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This articles comes from our friends at Which? as they continue their campaign to raise awareness of nuisance calls and texts. If you’re interested in this subject, fill out our survey.

complain about nuisance calls

Don’t let nuisance calls ruin your life

More than eight in ten of us are bombarded by them, yet less than a fifth of us actually make an official complaint. What are we talking about? Nuisance calls and spam texts of course.

Whether they’re about PPI or personal injury insurance, these calls are at best an annoyance, and at worst they’re distressing. This is why us here at Which? are Calling Time on Nuisance Calls and Texts – it’s about time you didn’t feel like a prisoner in your own home.

We already have more than 82,000 pledges of support, which has caught the attention of the government and regulators. But before we shout about our progress, let’s dig deeper into the problem. Continue reading »