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10 things your Nan can teach you about budgeting

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As much as I loved my Nan when I was growing up I always thought she was a bit of a skinflint.

I have vivid memories from my teenage years of being embarrassed when she’d take me into charity shops, and annoyed when she’d nag me to switch off lights. I’d roll my eyes and sigh; 14-year-old me just didn’t care about saving money.

Twenty years later and I understand why she was always being thrifty: she believed in saving on the little things in life so that she could build a nest egg. Sadly my Nan is no longer with us, but I think some of the budgeting tips she taught me are timeless.

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7 easy ways to save money in 2017

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There are loads of articles on the web dedicated to helping you save money. LOADS. We’ve got a fair few on this blog alone. While saving money is great, many tips need you to spend money before you start saving. What happens if you don’t have much to spare to start with?

We recently discovered that almost a third of Brits saved nothing in the last 12 months – because they had no spare money to actually save.

So I’m on the hunt for techniques that make saving money easier. The methods I’ve found can be adjusted to suit different budgets, so if you’re able to save more you can but if you can’t that’s OK too – after all, even saving small amounts adds up.

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My 4 favourite cheap homemade beauty products

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Natural beauty products

Pamper yourself with these thrifty beauty tips

When you’re on a budget it can be difficult to justify a bit of pampering. Over time however, I’ve found that many kitchen cupboard fillers can be used to make brilliant beauty products for a fraction of the price.

Here are some of my favourite ideas which can be adapted to suit you or whatever you happen to have lying around in your cupboard.

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This month’s top ten money saving articles

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Who made our top ten this month?

Who made our top ten this month?

We’re just getting back to normal after our first Debt Awareness Week where we helped thousands of people spot the danger signs of debt.

What better way to get back into the swing of things with this month’s top ten money saving articles!

As you sporty types no doubt know, the Six Nations Rugby Championship started on Saturday, and we’ve got a scrum-ptious lineup to help you tackle an unruly budget. Let’s try to convert to money-saving  in 2014. [Note: We ran short on puns at this point – if you can think of any more let us know]

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