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Totally legal ways to get free movies, TV shows, books and music online

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The internet is brilliant. It makes our lives so much more convenient with things such as online shopping, instant messaging, live news updates and cheeky celebrity gossip – all at our fingertips within seconds.

It connects us with people we may never have met otherwise. It also opens the door to tons of other great things (including free debt advice of course).

With the sheer influx of handheld gadgets at our disposal, our appetite for free entertainment has never been greater. Getting free stuff to watch, read and listen to doesn’t require donning your cyber pirate hat though (naughty naughty!).

You can get lots of electro-goodies completely free – and totally legally. Here’s how…

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MoneyMagpie’s top 6 websites for freebie fanatics!

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The lovely Jasmine Birtles from MoneyMagpie.com is back with a follow-up to her colleague Marc Crosby’s insightful guide on how to sort the genuine freebie websites from the fakes. Jasmine’s very kindly put together a list of her favourite freebie websites to save you time and hassle when on the hunt for free goodies. Take it away, Jasmine!

Becoming a first-class freebie hunter has its advantages; not only can it sometimes help your daily budget, it can also give you early access to products before they hit the shelves.

We all love a good freebie and, thankfully, there are lots of sites on the web happy to provide them. Whilst a lot of them will list many of the same products, it’s important to make sure you’re going to the best ones so you don’t waste time trawling through rubbish.

Some so-called Freebies sites will offer you pretend ‘freebies’ like ‘free’ minutes if you spend loads on a new mobile phone contract. Who wants that? So, to make sure you don’t waste your time trawling bogus freebie sites, here are our top five that we’ve tried ourselves:

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How to tell a genuine freebie site from the fakes!

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As you no doubt know, we’re big fans of MoneyMagpie.com, one of the most savings-savvy websites around. Jasmine Birtles is here to tell us how to sort the genuine freebie website from the fakes. Take it away, Jasmine!

Freebie sites are a great way to save money.  Why pay for something when you can get it for free?

And there are a lot of genuine free things you can get online and offline. As expected, however, there are scammers out there looking to take advantage of your desire for a freebie. Let’s look at the biggest warning signs of a bogus website so you can side-step a ton of heartache…

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