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April’s debt and money news

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Spring’s inFCA credit card review full bloom and we’ve got a big bunch of money and debt news for you.

We look at the latest proposals from the Financial Conduct Authority to help people with persistent credit card debt.

We also examine the latest figures on unpaid child maintenance, news on the Wonga data breach, a pensions warning to parents, and a welcome rise in the national living wage…

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“I was running out of money, so was relying on credit cards”: Rosie’s story

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With 10% of our clients stating separation or divorce as the reason for getting into debt, it’s the fifth most common cause of financial problems that we see.

This is the situation Rosie* from Leicestershire found herself in when she separated from her partner three years ago.

Already struggling to meet payments to credit cards, she had to rent a property for herself and her daughter to live in. Rosie found it difficult to pay the letting agent’s fees and furnish the home, and soon found her financial situation spiralling further out of control.

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10 money mistakes we hear every day and how to avoid them

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10 common money mistakes

10 common money mistakes we see every day

I’ve yet to meet someone who hasn’t made a mistake with money at some point in their life. Whether it’s forgetting to cancel a direct debit or paying more than necessary for something, these sneaky slip-ups can happen to the best of us.

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The end of the affair

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End of the affair

(Please note: this article is fictitious) 

I had known Miss Lucy Ryan for over 5 years. We were first introduced around Christmas time in 2005. She was a pleasant, sanguine lady; in her mid-40s I think. She was a typical ‘happy-go-lucky’ type. People loved to be around her. As did I.

She was ecstatic to see me at last, that I remember quite vividly, but not nearly as happy as she was to see me leave many years later. You see, Lucy had been expecting me that winter morning, and waiting for this day for some time. Our meeting had been pre-arranged for us so all that was left to do was for me to show up on time. And that I did, feeling like a million dollars. I wasn’t old then, you see.

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