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How you helped us get Breathing Space back on the agenda

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Last month over 1,000 of our clients emailed their MPs asking them to support a Breathing Space scheme for people in debt in England, Wales and Northern Ireland*. If you helped, thank you. If you didn’t, there’s still time.

A scheme like this would mean that when people in debt get advice they’d have fees, charges and interest on their debts frozen, along with a break from enforcement action. It would allow them time to sort out their finances without seeing their debts spiralling upwards. Continue reading »


Which organisations are treating our clients unfairly?

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People feel that they’re not being treated fairly by some of the companies they owe money to and borrow money from. That’s the message we received from our clients in our recent research into creditor and debt collector conduct.

Our research reveals the kinds of organisations that are most likely to make people feel unfairly treated, and the kind of unfair treatment they’re receiving. We’re campaigning for changes to be made in those organisations to help those in debt and to reduce unfair treatment.

Have you experienced similar issues to what we’ve found? Add a comment at the end of the article. Continue reading »


June’s money and debt news

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Unexpected bills, payday loan complaints and debates over credit card limit increases were all hot topics in money and debt related news this month. 

In brighter news, for those hoping to get on the property ladder, chartered surveyors predict that house prices may fall over the next three months – the first fall in six years. And the final design for the new £5 note has also been revealed, and tests show that these new notes can withstand the washing machine much better than their predecessors!

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February’s debt and money news

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February’s been a busy month in the world of debt and money news, and the Government’s been particularly vocal over the past few weeks.

They’ve named and shamed companies that don’t pay their employees the minimum wage, and have been encouraging married couples to sign up for the marriage tax allowance. Could you be eligible?

Also this month, our research showed that a fifth of people experiencing financial difficulties were unable to afford food after making repayments to their debts. That’s why we’ve joined with Martin Lewis from MoneySavingExpert.com to call for ‘breathing space’ for people who seek advice for their debt problems. What does it all mean? Let’s find out…

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