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Our MoneyAware debt experts work hard to bring you the most useful money tips, debt news and advice. We produce lots of debt articles, full of handy tips and hints to help you if you’re feeling the pinch.

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120 Weird and wonderful ways to make money

From simply renting out a spare room to selling trees or even hair, what other weird and wonderful ways could you be making extra money?


2.  You’re in debt but what can your creditors actually do?

From harassment and bailiffs to CCJs, dealing with debt can be worrying. What can your creditors actually do? Put your mind at ease and find out.


3.  Statute barred debt: A step-by-step guide

What is a statute barred debt and does it affect me? Will I know if my debt is statute barred? Find the answers in our step by step guide.


4.  “Your debts written off!”: Is it too good to be true?

Sounds promising but is there proof in the punch? We look at the truth behind these claims.


5.  How to deal with a county court judgment (CCJ)

What is a CCJ? How do I deal with a CCJ? Our article helps to answer some common questions on county court judgments.


6.  How to cancel a continuous payment authority on a payday loan

Payday loans can be stressful, especially when they spiral out of control. Find out how to take charge and begin making repayments at a pace suited to you.


7.  Wonga compensation: does it affect your debt solution?

Wonga was ordered to pay out £2.6 million in compensation to its customers. How will this affect your debt solution? Our article investigates.


8.  How do I get out of payday loans? Find out in 5 steps

Unfortunately It’s a lot easier to get a payday loan than it is to get out of one. Don’t worry; read our five steps to help you deal with them.


9.  Template letters & court forms

Writing to creditors can be hard. If you’re wondering what to say, our template letters are happy to lend a helping hand. Simply download, fill in and send.


10.  How do other people’s debts affect me?

Will my partner’s debt affect me? Will my mother’s debt affect my credit rating? We answer some difficult questions on the effect of other people’s debts on you.