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How to improve your chances of landing a fantastic job

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Landing yourself a job you actually enjoy can be easier said than done. Jasmine from MoneyMagpie believes in the importance of job satisfaction and getting paid to do what you love. She stopped by the blog to share her thoughts…

Jasmine Birtles from Money MagpieAre you looking for a job and wondering whether you’ll ever find the right one for you?

Having a job you enjoy can make a lot of difference to your overall happiness. Perhaps you used to love your job, but the ‘honeymoon period’ is starting to wane.

By taking another look at things you’re already doing, you might improve your chances of getting a job you truly want, or enjoying the one you currently have.

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Cheap and easy ways to organise your home  

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Most of us have things in our home we no longer want and could make some extra money by selling. Jasmine Birtles of MoneyMagpie is here to tell you all about Clear Your Clutter Day, and how you can get involved.

If you’re struggling with getting your finances in order, a cluttered house can add to the stress you may be feeling. By organising your home you may find it easier to get on top of your finances. Yes, really!

That’s part of the message of national Clear Your Clutter Day, happening on Saturday 11 March this year. It’s all about getting rid of the junk you no longer need so you can make way for the life and living space you want…and get some extra pennies in your pocket from selling stuff and saving money while you’re at it.

It doesn’t have to cost much (if anything) to get organised. Here are some quick, easy and cheap ways to de-clutter every room of the house.

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18 smart and easy ways to save money

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Saving money is something that we can all get on board with. There are lots of ways to watch the pennies, it’s just a case of spotting them. 

Moneymagpie’s Jasmine Birtles stopped by the blog to share some top tips on how the whole family can save a few pounds… 

You may be thinking ‘everyone says how easy it is to save money, but putting it in practice is another thing altogether’. The good news is that you can save money the minute you get out of bed and start getting ready for the day. This is how a thrifty life is lived – baby steps, little by little, every day.

Once you know your own budget and needs, there’s a whole wealth of ways you can supercharge your savings. For now, let’s take a look at some thrifty tips that are so crafty you might just feel hoodwinked into saving money!

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Clear your clutter – make some money!

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On Saturday, Jasmine Birtles, founder of MoneyMagpie.com, is running the first National Clear Your Clutter day. She hopes to encourage people all over the UK to de-clutter their homes and their lives and gain freedom, peace and a useful pile of cash in the process. See more details at Clear Your Clutter Day where you can also get a free eBook on how to de-clutter.

In the meantime, Jasmine’s here on MoneyAware to share her de-clutter know-how!

The average home is hoarding thousands of pounds-worth of junk that they could be clearing and turning into cash. Research from eBay has found that we hoard £7.3 billion worth of unused items in the UK. We might as well convert that into pounds and pence!

We want to help you make money, and save money from items you no longer want or need right now. That’s why we’re launching Clear Your Clutter Day on Saturday 19th March. Let’s take a look at the easy peasy ways you can get involved…

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MoneyMagpie’s top 6 websites for freebie fanatics!

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The lovely Jasmine Birtles from MoneyMagpie.com is back with a follow-up to her colleague Marc Crosby’s insightful guide on how to sort the genuine freebie websites from the fakes. Jasmine’s very kindly put together a list of her favourite freebie websites to save you time and hassle when on the hunt for free goodies. Take it away, Jasmine!

Becoming a first-class freebie hunter has its advantages; not only can it sometimes help your daily budget, it can also give you early access to products before they hit the shelves.

We all love a good freebie and, thankfully, there are lots of sites on the web happy to provide them. Whilst a lot of them will list many of the same products, it’s important to make sure you’re going to the best ones so you don’t waste time trawling through rubbish.

Some so-called Freebies sites will offer you pretend ‘freebies’ like ‘free’ minutes if you spend loads on a new mobile phone contract. Who wants that? So, to make sure you don’t waste your time trawling bogus freebie sites, here are our top five that we’ve tried ourselves:

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How to tell a genuine freebie site from the fakes!

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As you no doubt know, we’re big fans of MoneyMagpie.com, one of the most savings-savvy websites around. Jasmine Birtles is here to tell us how to sort the genuine freebie website from the fakes. Take it away, Jasmine!

Freebie sites are a great way to save money.  Why pay for something when you can get it for free?

And there are a lot of genuine free things you can get online and offline. As expected, however, there are scammers out there looking to take advantage of your desire for a freebie. Let’s look at the biggest warning signs of a bogus website so you can side-step a ton of heartache…

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10 ways to make extra money to pay off debt

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Jasmine Birtles of Moneymagpie.com knows all about thrifty living and money saving.
In her second of three blogposts, she shares her top tips on making some extra cash.

hand holding small red purse

Money making tips!

The quickest ways to pay off debt is to cut your costs and increase your income. By doing that you’ve found a way to put much more into paying off debts each month.

We all know about cutting costs, but did you know there are loads of ways you can make some extra cash here and there?

Here are just a few of them – there are a lot more out there though!

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