5 quick and clever Black Friday tips!

Are you rubbing your hands in glee in preparation for Black Friday bargains? You’re not alone! The American shopping craze has steadily become a staple in the UK, and for many it signals the beginning of the big Christmas shop.

When it comes to Black Friday, our motto is ‘a deal’s only a good deal if you were going to buy it in the first place’. Before you brave the bargain wars, check out these top tips from some of our favourite money bloggers…

1.Do your research

Repeat after me…strategy, strategy, strategy!

Bargain hunting is serious business, and you need to have a plan before you get started. Just ask Ricky Willis a.k.a. Skint Dad:

“Make a list of everything you might want to buy (focus on Christmas presents, birthdays, stuff you need for the house etc). Once this is done, work out how much you want to spend as a maximum. By using my Black Friday Deals Finder, you can find the best deal on the item you want in seconds.”

2. Be patient!

Black Friday is as much about tenacity as it is having a great eye for a bargain, according to Jo Middleton from Slummy Single Mummy:

“It’s important to be patient when shopping for Black Friday deals. One member of HotDealsUK said that it took them two hours and numerous attempts to land a discounted laptop they really wanted.”

3. Use gift cards

If you have gift cards lying around the house, why not see if you can put them towards a Black Friday bargain?

Better yet, you can buy gift cards specifically for a Black Friday purchase, at cheaper than their usual price. Just ask Andy Webb from Be Clever With Your Cash:

Zeek sells unwanted gift cards at an up to 10% discount. If you know where you’re buying your Black Friday bargain from, do a quick search on Zeek, buy the gift card, and then put that towards your purchase for extra savings.

Many gift cards have digital codes too so you can use them instantly.

Use my code CLEVERCASH when signing up to save you £5 off your first gift card purchase.”

4. Check the small print

In your haste to get a great deal, it can be easy to overlook the terms and conditions. This can prove bothersome if for some reason you need to return the item. David Taylor from Thinking Thrifty had this smart tip:

“Make sure you check the returns policy of every shop you’re thinking of buying from. Some stores now have a restocking fee, so you could be charged to return the item.

Check how long you have to return the item too, as some stores have tightened up the returns window, meaning you don’t get as much time to return your item if you need to.”

5. Be careful of con artists

You’re a nice person – because only nice people read our blog, obviously ? – so you may assume that everyone you interact with is nice too. Sadly, it’s not always the case. Black Friday is prime time for scam artists as well as sweet discounts. Take note of this top tip from Jasmine Birtles from Money Magpie:

“Make sure you’re vigilant against fraudsters and scam a while searching for Black Friday bargains.

Just because someone uses the words ‘cheap’ or ‘discount’ doesn’t mean that it’s always a good deal. Sometimes when the price seems too good to be true, it means the goods may be fake or faulty.

Reputable sites and retailers will be upfront about the ins and outs of their policies so check
them thoroughly before you buy.”

Do you have a top tip for Black Friday, or any other big annual sale? Have you landed yourself a bargain? Let us know in the comments!

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