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29 surprising uses for shampoo

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Have you ever found yourself wondering: What else can I use shampoo for, other than the obvious? Nope, me either. But maybe we should because according to the web it has many, many uses.

Why would you want to use shampoo for anything except hair washing? Well, in some situations it can act as a substitute product. Or maybe you’ve got some shampoo you simply don’t like but don’t want to throw away. You never know when this list might come in useful…

Some tips I found on how to use leftover shampoo are useful, some are strange and some are questionable. Regardless, here they are, all in one place ready for you to try!

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December’s debt and money news

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It’s time for our usual round-up of the latest debt and money news! Since our last update, there’s been plenty going on, including the Government’s Autumn statement. We’ve looked at in detail to see how you’ll be better, or worse off when the changes kick in.

But that’s not all; we’ve also heard some alarming news regarding some payday lenders who may have been targeting the homeless.  There’s a call from our friends at to fix your utility bills NOW, and an inspiring story about how one woman reduced her spending dramatically and changed her outlook on life in one year…

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Maintaining your friendships when you’re in debt

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When you’re trying to cut back on your spending, it’s almost inevitable that your social life might take a bit of a knock. You may be embarrassed about confiding in your friends about money worries, or even feel bad about turning down their invites to events.

We don’t want to see your friendships or relationships suffer while you’re dealing with debt, as having that support is really important to your wellbeing. The good news is it’s possible to keep your friendships strong, even if times are a little tougher than usual.

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Our top ten articles of 2016

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This year has been the busiest ever year for the MoneyAware blog. We’ve had more than 1.4 million visits to the site and the year’s not even finished yet!

We don’t like to blow our own trumpet but we’re pretty pleased about how many people we’ve been able to help with our articles.

Here’s a round-up of the most popular blogposts we’ve had in this bumper year for the blog.

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