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Clothes are a funny thing. We need to have them (otherwise things would get very awkward very fast) but they can be a drain on our finances. What’s more, things such as tumble dryers and harsh chemicals in soap powder can mean that clothes can fall to bits pretty quickly!

Finding good clothes for cheap is key for any successful budget. Not only do the following articles tell you how to be a thrifty fashionista when it comes to clothes shopping, we also found some tips for minimal-faff repairs and preserving the kid’s threads, too. Not too shabby, eh?

This is by no means an exhaustive list. If we find more fab articles down the line. We’ll update this post with any new stuff we think is useful, so make sure you check back!

Enduring ensembles: tips to make clothes last


16 Ways to Make Your Clothes Last Longer Without Spending Big (Wisebread)

If you’re going to get the most out of your clothes, you need to attack any potential issues from all angles. From clever concealment of coffee stains to cutting down on laundry, this smashing article from Wisebread’s staff writer Andrea Karim does this and more

How to make school shoes last longer (Mum in the Madhouse)

One of the banes of a parent’s life is the tragically short lifespan of their children’s shoes. I know when I was a kid, I treated my own shoes terribly – scraping them, sliding on them, painting them (don’t ask). Not to mention that kid’s feet are constantly growing!

If you can relate then you’re sure to get a ‘kick’ out of Mum in The Madhouses’ handy guide to making school shoes last longer.

How to wash your dry clean only clothes at home for cheap (The Secret Yumiverse)

I don’t know about you, but I’ll sometimes forego buying an item of clothing if it’s labelled ‘dry clean only’. In this day and age there must be an easier way to clean these kind of clothes, especially when so many of us are living on tight budgets.

Luckily, My Secret Yumiverse has put together a list of top tips for anyone wanting to dodge the dry cleaner.

Savvy spending: how to buy awesome clothes for cheap


Charity shop tips for buying second-hand clothes (Moral Fibres)

For the most part, charity shops have long shed their unfair image as a place where unfashionable, unwanted, mouldy rags go to rot. They’re now synonymous with thrifty fashion.

The key to smart charity shop perusing is going in with a plan. Moral Fibres has got your back.

How to reinvent your closet on a budget (The Prospect)

We all get bored of our wardrobe from time to time, and if you’re anyone like me you’ll tend to cycle through the same clothes each week (between washes, of course!) This clever guide from The Prospect shows you how to reinvigorate your garment repertoire without paying a King’s ransom.

Cash for clobber: how to make money selling clothes


How to make money from vintage clothing (

The beauty of vintage clothing is that by its very nature it never goes out of fashion. As a result there’ll probably always be a high demand for timeless threads, so why not try to make a tuppence or two from it? This guide from can help you get started.

Mend it, make it, marvellous!

Close up ophoto of sewing pins, safety pins and a thimble on pink fabric

How to save money on sewing (Swoodson Says)

Many of us know that one person who claims to save so much money on clothes by either making them themselves or not shrinking away from the needle and thread when a stitch comes loose (as an aside, I am definitely a needle-shrinker-awayer). Saving money while sewing requires a bit of skill. Swoodson Says has a smashing guide that can help with this.

Clothes wisdom on our website…

In addition to all the smashing info we found on the web, there are also some great clothes-savvy articles right here on MoneyAware:

10 clothing tips that’ll save you money – from understanding clothing care instruction labels to blitzing pesky stains, Jen takes a look at how to make our clothes last longer.

How to look swish on a budget – swishing’s been around for a while now. It’s a fun way to get new threads while spending little or no money, so why not give it a go?

6 ways to look fabulous on a budget – back in 2014 I put together a guide on the pros and cons of relying on charity shops, high street sales and online sellers for bargain threads.

A bloke’s guide to posh clobber on a budget – Matt hates clothes shopping, but that doesn’t mean he’ll shy away from a bargain if he can help it. Neither should you!

Have you found an article on the web that might make a good fit for our bumper list? Let us know in the comments.

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