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How to prepare for your DMP review

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So your debt management plan (DMP) has been ticking over nicely. Hopefully your creditors have stopped or reduced contact with you and you’re budgeting like a pro.

But we know that this isn’t always the case; kids grow older, bills go up, and your situation can change and adapt.

Reviewing your situation every year, and when things change, can ensure that your DMP is working as it should.

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May’s debt and money news

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This month we’ve been keeping an eye out on the latest scams, with reports of people getting suspicious-looking emails about Council Tax arrears.

Search giant Google has taken the decision to ban payday loan adverts from its search results, and do you know exactly what’s in your bank account? According to a report, two thirds of us are happy to remain blissfully unaware! It’s all here in May’s debt and money news.

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Money saving wisdom from the web – clothes and shoes

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Clothes are a funny thing. We need to have them (otherwise things would get very awkward very fast) but they can be a drain on our finances. What’s more, things such as tumble dryers and harsh chemicals in soap powder can mean that clothes can fall to bits pretty quickly!

Finding good clothes for cheap is key for any successful budget. Not only do the following articles tell you how to be a thrifty fashionista when it comes to clothes shopping, we also found some tips for minimal-faff repairs and preserving the kid’s threads, too. Not too shabby, eh?

This is by no means an exhaustive list. If we find more fab articles down the line. We’ll update this post with any new stuff we think is useful, so make sure you check back!

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Warning: debt collection and council tax email scam

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There always seems to be a scam trying to trick us out of our cash or attempting to give us a virus on our computers. Thanks for that, internet scam people. Who are you by the way? Who actually does this?

Anyway, whether it’s a witchcraft spell to make your ex-lover return to you or a request for money from a mysterious person in another country, we’ve got to be on the ball.

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