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March’s debt and money news

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Welcome to this month’s debt and money news. As usual, a lot has been going on in the world of…well debt and money.

So, what’s on the round-up this time? Soon we’ll need a TV licence to watch ‘catch-up’ programmes on iPlayer, the FCA refuses authorisation to a debt management company, and the N244 application fee is set to rise.

Elsewhere, a report has highlighted that around four million children are living in fuel poverty, while the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) announces plans to ‘shake up’ the energy industry.

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Clear your clutter – make some money!

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On Saturday, Jasmine Birtles, founder of, is running the first National Clear Your Clutter day. She hopes to encourage people all over the UK to de-clutter their homes and their lives and gain freedom, peace and a useful pile of cash in the process. See more details at Clear Your Clutter Day where you can also get a free eBook on how to de-clutter.

In the meantime, Jasmine’s here on MoneyAware to share her de-clutter know-how!

The average home is hoarding thousands of pounds-worth of junk that they could be clearing and turning into cash. Research from eBay has found that we hoard £7.3 billion worth of unused items in the UK. We might as well convert that into pounds and pence!

We want to help you make money, and save money from items you no longer want or need right now. That’s why we’re launching Clear Your Clutter Day on Saturday 19th March. Let’s take a look at the easy peasy ways you can get involved…

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