This month’s top ten money-boosting articles

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Who made our top ten this month?

Who made our top ten this month?

It’s been a hectic month over here, from talking about how to teach the kids to be more money-savvy to releasing our recent Debt Trap report, alongside the Children Society.

It’s a wonder we’ve had chance to have as much as a sneaky peek at what our fave bloggers have been discussing lately. But we did (of course) and do we have a corker of a line-up for you!

This month it’s all about boosting your income, beautifying your garden and bulk burning – I mean – bulk cooking yummy meals for you and the tribe. Let’s dig in, shall we?

  1. The importance of debt-free living (Penny Golightly)

The road to debt freedom is never easy, as this refreshingly honest blogpost from Penny will attest. We were especially touched to see that Penny featured our Debt Trap report to illustrate how debt in her childhood taught her some valuable lessons in adulthood.

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  1. Ten thrifty tips from my kids (Baby Budgeting)

Who says that only grown-ups can be savvy with their spends? Becky at Baby Budgeting asked her kids for their top money-saving tips, and the results are predictably adorable!

Becky can be found on Twitter.

  1. Turn your loft space into a side income (Miss Thrifty)

If you have a box room or attic to spare, a new web service called can match you with a local person in need of cheap storage. If you could do with a couple of extra quid in your pocket, it’s worth reading this article from Miss Thrifty that talks about how to turn extra space into extra cash.

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  1. 50 unconventional money-saving tips (Skint Dad)

Ricky over at Skint Dad has been absolutely killing it in recent months with some fab articles on fakeaways, flogging unwanted items and planning a wedding on a budget. Take a quick 10 minutes out of your lunchbreak and read through his list of 50 unconventional ways you can save money!

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  1. 14 shockingly simple ways to cut your energy bill (MyFamilyClub)

Even though the warmer months are on the horizon, it’s still a good idea to do all you can to keep fuel costs down. Our pals at MyFamilyClub can help with this great guide to cutting your energy bill.

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  1. Do you bulk cook? (Frugal Queen)

My other half is definitely the culinary talent in our house, and I won’t lie, it’s nice to roll in after work to a lovely home-cooked meal (beats my cheesy crisps and ham sandwich any day…yeah I know, I’m a disgrace).

Nauseating anecdote aside, cooking from scratch can be a right pain in the neck – follow Frugal Queen’s lead and cook a big batch of food to freeze for later!

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  1. 13 cheap tips for a glorious summer garden (Discount Coder)

You don’t need to be Charlie Dimmock to have a garden worth spending your entire summer lounging in. Chances are you already have most of what you’ll need to create your own leafy haven. Get those green-fingers at the ready with these bloomin’ brilliant tips from DiscountCoder!

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  1. 9 ways to save money in the shower (A Thrifty Mrs)

Just when you thought showertime was reserved for practising your X Factor audition or hiding from the kids, it turns out you can actually save a couple of quid in there too! El from a Thrifty Mrs shows you how.

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  1. 5 ways to have some after-school fun without spending a penny (Diary of a Frugal Family)

Now the lighter (and apparently warmer) nights are finally upon us, there’s a whole host of fun stuff you and the family can do. But where to start? How do you keep the kids entertained without breaking the bank? Frugal Cass will be glad you asked (yes that rhyme was on purpose, what of it?).

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  1. Why frugal is not the same as cheap (Frugal Mama)

Karen Falter, a guest writer over at Frugal Mama has a saying; ‘frugal isn’t cheap, it’s smart’. Quite often, frugal and cheap can get lumped together as two words meaning the same thing, but this isn’t always the case.

Do you agree? Let Frugal Mama Amy know on Twitter.

What were your favourite money-saving articles this month? Did we miss any? Is there a thrifty blogger we should keep a beady eye on? Let us know in the comments.

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