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Debt and money news – January 2016

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It may be a brand new year but it seems that many of last year’s debt and money issues are far from resolved. It’s also time to fill in your online tax return if you haven’t done so already. No one wants that ugly £100 fine for sending it off late!

On a brighter note, it looks like the bankruptcy application process may be a little bit simpler from April onwards. It also seems that annoying cold-calling firms are finally being taken to task by the powers that be. This should hopefully mean a dramatic reduction in unwanted contact this year.

Also, if you’re a former customer of Cash Genie or its sister companies, you may be owed a refund now that the firms have gone into liquidation. Read on for more details…

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Know your rights: August’s debt news

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It’s August and the kids are off school, the adults are enjoying the sunshine and everyone’s feeling more relaxed. It’s usually a notoriously slow news month, but things haven’t quietened down in the world of debt.

We’ve got an unexpectedly bumper debt news article for you, from payday lenders offering compensation and another potential PPI-related scandal, to Npower writing off some of its customers’ debts. And here I was thinking August would be a quiet one!

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April’s top debt and money news stories

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Know your rights

April 2015 debt news

As the new tax year begins, we’ve seen the introduction of large-scale pension changes that have a wide-ranging impact for many people, including our clients.

April has also seen the introduction of a new type of debt solution in Scotland to help people with lower incomes who are struggling with their debts. In other news, caps on hefty bills caused by unauthorised calls are set to be limited by mobile phone companies and the UK’s largest payday loan company Wonga has announced a significant profit loss and is considering a change of name.

And finally, find out how one restaurant owner’s act of kindness went viral on social media!

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Nuisance calls: 5 things other countries do that should happen here

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The telephone rings. You pick it up, and at the other end of the line is somebody trying to sell you a payday loan, or help you reclaim PPI, or telling you how to get money for an accident that wasn’t your fault (and, amazingly, one you didn’t know you’d had).

Annoying isn’t it?

But it’s not just annoying. It’s also harmful. These calls can leave those in financial difficulty vulnerable to making decisions that will make their situation worse. That’s why in October 2013 we launched our Got Their Number campaign; to increase the level of protection offered to hard-pressed families.

So how have things progressed over the past 18 months? And what do other countries do to stop the scourge of nuisance calls that we should do here?

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We’re calling for ban on payday loan nuisance calls

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We want to call time on unsolicited contact

We want to call time on unsolicited contact

A third of our clients have had nuisance calls offering them payday loans. That’s the shocking finding from our latest research into the scale of nuisance calls to those in debt. (Source: Nuisance calls survey with StepChange Debt Charity clients, 2014)

Tempting offers of easy-to-apply-for payday loans can be a real source of stress for many people, and today we’re asking for unsolicited calls and texts offering high-cost credit to be banned.

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Ofcom talks about unwanted calls and messages

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Ofcom has their say on nuisance calls and texts

Ofcom has their say on nuisance calls and texts

Ofcom recently published its guide on protecting yourself from nuisance calls and messages and they asked us for a guest blog to help promote it.


As we’re running a campaign on the harm caused by this menace we were more than happy to oblige.

Want to know more? You can get involved in our campaign here.

We’ve all been there – up to our eyes in work, in the middle of making dinner or trying to stop World War III breaking out between the kids, when the phone starts ringing.

But while you might not begrudge rushing to pick up for friends or family, it’s a different story if it turns out to be someone offering you something you don’t want or need.

Unwanted calls and messages come in different shapes and sizes – from telesales to automated messages, spam texts and even silence.

These calls can be a real nuisance, but there are steps you can take to cut down the number you receive.

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#GotTheirNumber – the results so far

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Young man looking at mobile phone

“Who are you and HOW have you got my number?”

When we launched our campaign against nuisance calls and texts we had an inkling that the public found them every bit as annoying as we did.

However it turns out that ‘annoying’ was a bit of an understatement – people of Britain, you HATE unsolicited contact!

We asked you to send your stories of nuisance texts to us so we could build a picture of just how serious the problem is. We were overwhelmed with responses, and here we showcase some of the most striking stories we’ve heard so far…

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