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December’s debt and money news

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It’s time for our usual round-up of the latest debt and money news! Since our last update, there’s been plenty going on, including the Government’s Autumn statement. We’ve looked at in detail to see how you’ll be better, or worse off when the changes kick in.

But that’s not all; we’ve also heard some alarming news regarding some payday lenders who may have been targeting the homeless.  There’s a call from our friends at Moneysavingexpert.com to fix your utility bills NOW, and an inspiring story about how one woman reduced her spending dramatically and changed her outlook on life in one year…

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September’s money and debt news

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Top stories this month included the government announcing plans to increase general application court fees to £255. This is a jump of £100 from the current fee. Many people are questioning the fairness of this decision.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) wants to let millions of people know that they may be able to claim compensation on a range of card security products they may have purchased. Several of these products were deemed redundant because they offered things a customer is usually entitled to anyway, such as fraud protection.

We also voiced our opinion on the TUC debt report ‘Britain in the Red’, which explored the increase of families with problem debt. Read on for more details…

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May’s top debt and money news

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Know your rights

There’s been some troubling news this month with devious happenings coming to light that involve pension scams to con innocent folk out of their cash.

Not to mention controversial rip-off letting agency fees making renting a new home cost a small fortune and confusing energy bills bamboozling us into potentially paying more than we should.

On top of all that, we keep signing up to things, forgetting about them and continuing to pay for services we don’t use. How did it come to this? Luckily, we’ve gathered stories on each topic to help avoid such nightmares. Have a good read and make sure you know your rights.
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Insulate your home on the cheap

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Insulate your home on the cheap

The snowflakes are real, honest!

Last year I discovered my new flat was about as well insulated as a beach hut.

Every room and window seemed to be letting in a draught but since I’m from Yorkshire I tend to think that as long as it’s above freezing it’s warm enough for shorts.

My other half disagreed and decided we’d have to make the place as warm as we could, for as cheap as possible.

Thankfully another Yorkshire trait means I know how to save a ‘few bob’ so after a quick brew I cracked on with it. Here’s what I did…

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Know your rights – May’s debt news

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Know your rights

Roll up for the latest debt news!

What a month it’s been!

The media has been buzzing with big stories throughout May; from the 24-hour European election coverage and the tense Champions League final to the story about an unlikely feline hero.

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Know your rights – January’s debt news

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Debt news

What’s this month’s top debt stories?

There was one big debt news story in January – and it was about us!

We ran Debt Awareness Week a couple of weeks ago and we’re dead chuffed that it made such a big splash!

We spent the week highlighting our services in the media and featured in a debt clinic on the Guardian website as well as coverage in The Sun and The Daily Mail among others.

The aim of the week was to help people recognise the danger signs of debt and prompt those who do need assistance to get help sooner. Much of the work that went into the week was inspired by our own client’s experiences which really helped us to spread the word.

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