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Know your rights – October’s debt news

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Know your rights - September's debt news

Know your rights – October’s debt news

Looming internet plan price hikes, tax refund scam emails and the mounting cost of debt problems in the UK – with all this doom and gloom flying about, it’s little wonder that so many of us are struggling to sleep at night.

There is some good news however for those of you on the lookout for a better energy deal. Also, if you owe money to Wonga you may have received a letter telling you that your debt will be written off due to mistakes made in the past.

It’s been a busy month for debt news, so let’s take a look at these top stories and more…

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Eviction: what happens when you go to court

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Emma, a debt advisor, spent the day at a County Court hearing centre to better understand the eviction hearing process. She’s written this article to share what happens during an eviction hearing and what she learnt from the day.

The county court eviction process

What is the eviction hearing process?

As a debt advisor, I regularly speak to clients who are in rent or mortgage arrears and are concerned about eviction. It’s part of my job to understand the County Court eviction process, explain to clients what to expect at their hearing and how to prepare for it.

However, being fortunate enough to have never been in that situation myself, one thing I can’t talk the client through is how they’ll feel on the day.

So to find out more, I visited a County Court hearing centre to help me to understand more about the process from a client’s perspective.

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One in three in rent arrears after ‘bedroom tax’

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Terraced houses

More people are struggling with rent arrears

It was revealed today that one in three council tenants have fallen into rent arrears since recent housing benefit cuts came into effect. So what’s the story and what can you do if you’re affected? Continue reading »


Know your rights – May debt news

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January debt news

May debt news – get in the know

This May was officially the wettest May since 1983. Hopefully you’ve dried out and ready to face June!

So was it dark clouds or blue skies in the world of debt in May? We’ve got payday loan news, energy bill updates and the latest on ‘Bedroom Tax’. Here are the most important stories in one handy article.


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March debt news – know your rights!

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March debt news

March debt news time!

We’ve had freezing cold temperatures and blizzard conditions this month, but we’ve made it through March and spring has just about sprung. To celebrate we’ve put together a summary of all things debt newsy.

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Avoid the “bedroom tax”: reduce the impact of the under occupancy charge

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"Bedroom tax"  - can you avoid it?

“Bedroom tax” – can you avoid it?

Upcoming benefits changes will mean that if you’re renting from the council or a housing association, and are deemed to have a spare room, you could be facing a reduction in your housing benefit.

This reduction is known as the under occupancy charge (commonly known as the “bedroom tax”).

Renting out your spare room to a lodger is a way to avoid the charge.

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7 “bedroom tax” myths that need busting

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Wake up to money worries

Waking up to the facts about the “bedroom tax”

It seems that changes to benefits brings about a whole new batch of myths, but few have sparked more untruths than the under occupancy charge, commonly known as the “bedroom tax”.

The problem with myths is that they’re interpreted as fact, and that’s where the problems start. With this in mind, let’s take a selection of the rumours we heard recently, and set the record straight… Continue reading »