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  • Thilini Anjalo

    i am sri lankan, i have debt $300000.00,i did business ,lost all things,but now i must pay money to financial company, please help

    • moneyaware

      Hi Thilini,

      Thank you for your message. I’m sorry to hear about your situation.

      We’re a UK based debt advice charity so we can only offer advice if you took out your debts in the UK.

      If you have UK debts and are worried about how you’ll deal with them, please give our Helpline a call:


      Kind regards,


    • chloe

      debtmate helped me with my large debts, they are available to contact on facebook! definitely give them a call, they are wicked

      • moneyaware

        Hi Chloe,

        We’ve moderated your comment as it breaks our commenting policy. We don’t allow referrals to third parties, either people or websites.

        Kind regards


  • Junus

    Does anyone else feel guilty that their children have suffered because of your debt problems. I have been on a DMP since I lost a well paid job in 2008 and my husband left me. My children were 8 and 10 at the time. They have never had any xmas or birthday presents on the scale of their friends, they haven’t been able to go on school trips that their friends did, they have had many times when a weeks food was potatoes and eggs in various forms. They haven’t had pocket money or been able to eat out unless they go with friends whose parents pay. They are now teenagers and can’t have driving lessons like all their friends do. My youngest didn’t go to her school prom as I couldn’t afford a dress. Their childhood has gone and they will never get it back. I work hard in a low paid job, everything gets more expensivee and it gets harder and harder all the time. They have both left school and have started apprenticeships so at least they now have some money of their own, earning £3.50 an hour. I think they should keep all their earnings to make up for their years of missing out. I struggle even more now I dont get any child benefit or tax credits I’m finding it even more difficult to make ends meet but at last my children can start to do things other young people take for granted. I have another 6 years of this miserable life in debt…….just needed to get it off my chest

    • Laura

      I feel constant guilt as my children are 9 and 12 and due to circumstances out of my control, I’m now a single parent, full time student with no assets. I struggle constantly and I hate that I can’t provide. I can’t see a way out at all.

    • Mandy Scott-Hopkins

      Hi Junus – sounds like you’re doing a great job at helping your kids to learn survival and resilience which is an extremely important skill in todays world. My close friend is in a similar situation being left with debt of thousands when her husband walked out on her and her 2 kids. She gets upset about what seem the smallest things – eg not being able to treat her kids to a movie or Nando’s meal/having to cancel their sports subscriptions, she feels like she’s let them down. However her kids are humble, grateful and hardworking – and boy do they know how to save for what they want. Great skills for their futures. I’m not saying your situation is ideal however you clearly have a plan and a goal (6 years) and your kids will be super proud of you.

  • Bez

    hi junus just saw ur post .. can i just thank u for just being so honest tht life can b crap and the guilt kills me .. i am just facing my problems and you know i was getting so down once again looking at the letters l was putting them in a drawer worry another day .. once again. But i read ur post .. u sound like a really strong lady thank u and i wish u all the best x