Take financial control

When you need debt advice, it’s not always easy knowing where to start. You may need to put a budget together, but no one’s told you how, why, or what information’s needed. There may be other things that you find overwhelming, such as getting debt balances or making extra money.

We’ve helped people deal with their debt problems for 25 years, so we know the difference support can make. 7 Days 7 Ways, our week-long support programme can help you make sense of your money, budget and debts.

What’s 7 Days, 7 Ways?

Written by our expert debt advisors, 7 Days, 7 Ways is an email and website programme that’s a perfect starting point in dealing with your debt. It’s free to use, easy to follow, and puts you back in control of your finances at a manageable pace.

At the end of the programme you should know:

  • exactly how much you owe on your debts
  • what your most important bills are
  • what needs to be included in a budget
  • how to put the debt solution you need in place
  • how to make more money
  • how to save money on your living expenses
  • how to get support after your debt advice session

Do you think 7 Days, 7 Ways could help you? We do too!
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Find out more: https://www.stepchange.org/7-days-7-ways.aspx