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7 spending habits that could be costing you thousands

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spending habitsEveryone likes a little treat every now and again, but when you add them all up it can cost you an awful lot of money. Even something as small as a coffee a day could cost you hundreds of pounds over a year.

Little habits can add up to big costs. That’s why we wanted to highlight some of the bad habits that will leave you wondering where all your money has gone.
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Is procrastination costing you money?

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Right now I’m putting off doing three things. Two drawings that people have offered to pay me for and a meter reading. I like drawing, so there’s no reason for me to not be doing that. And the meter reading is a two second job.

I should be ashamed of myself – and I am. Can someone teach me how to be an adult please?

It doesn’t stop there. Only yesterday I cancelled my Sky TV contract. That seems thrifty but my TV broke in December (I fell on it) and I haven’t replaced it. That reminds me I should cancel my TV licence too.

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