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Cheap meal deal lunches – the MoneyAware challenge

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Supermarket lunch meal deals might seem like a bargain, but they can still cost you around £15-25 a week for your lunch. That soon adds up! I challenged the team to make their own cheap meal deal lunches for one week, swapping a supermarket meal deal with an absolute steal deal (I’m not even sorry for that terrible pun).

How cheap can we make our homemade meal deals? Will we stick it out? Who’ll resort to rummaging in the office biscuit tin? Here’s how we got on…

cheap meal deal lunches tomato and cheese on bread

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7 easy ways to save money in 2017

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There are loads of articles on the web dedicated to helping you save money. LOADS. We’ve got a fair few on this blog alone. While saving money is great, many tips need you to spend money before you start saving. What happens if you don’t have much to spare to start with?

Start saving today

We recently discovered that almost a third of Brits saved nothing in the last 12 months – because they had no spare money to actually save.

So I’m on the hunt for techniques that make saving money easier. The methods I’ve found can be adjusted to suit different budgets, so if you’re able to save more you can but if you can’t that’s OK too – after all, even saving small amounts adds up.

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29 surprising uses for shampoo

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Have you ever found yourself wondering: What else can I use shampoo for, other than the obvious? Nope, me either. But maybe we should because according to the web it has many, many uses.

Why would you want to use shampoo for anything except hair washing? Well, in some situations it can act as a substitute product. Or maybe you’ve got some shampoo you simply don’t like but don’t want to throw away. You never know when this list might come in useful…

Some tips I found on how to use leftover shampoo are useful, some are strange and some are questionable. Regardless, here they are, all in one place ready for you to try!

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eBook review: Jump Start your Money Confidence by Penny Golightly

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Confidence looks like different things to different people. For many, it’s what you need when tackling a tough issue with your boss or wearing a slightly more daring outfit than usual. Money confidence can be a more complex beast altogether.

What is money confidence? Is it about having faith in your ability to spend wisely? Is it the guts it takes to face down the debt problems you’ve been meaning to deal with? Is it the joy of building a realistic budget and knowing that by sticking to it, you can become a money-saving superstar?

It turns out, as Penny Golightly’s new eBook will show you, that it’s all these things and more.

I was really pleased when Penny got in touch and asked me to take a gander at her most recent downloadable book ‘Jump Start Your Money Confidence’. I enjoy her writing style a great deal, so I was hopeful that I would find it an engaging as well as informative read. Here are my highlights from the book, and why I think it’s definitely worth a read.

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10 frugal fails you should be avoiding

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woman with empty wallet

Sometimes it costs to be frugal…

You know us; we’re always encouraging people to be frugal. It’s our ‘thing’, as it were. There are times though when your good intentions could cause a money-draining fiasco rather than save you pennies.

There’s an old saying ‘buy cheap, buy twice’, meaning that sometimes going for the frugal option can often cost you more in the long run. There are also pitfalls like BOGOF supermarket deals (who hasn’t fallen prey to them from time to time?) and snags in the fine print of vouchers to be wary of.

The best way to avoid falling foul of a false economy is to not be thrifty where it counts to spend a little more. Sometimes being frugal isn’t worth the hassle it may cause in the future. Not that we can see in to the future, we’re just using the power of hindsight.

Find out when being thrifty does more harm than good with our list of frugal fails.

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Fakeaways vs. takeaways

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We asked one of our favourite bloggers, Ricky aka Skint Dad, to tell us what drove him to swap takeaways for ‘fakeaways’. There’s no turning back now for this thrifty father of three – let’s see how he got on!

The fakeaway should be on the menu every Saturday night

The fakeaway should be on the menu every Saturday night

“Can I have a chicken curry, special fried rice, beef chow mein, sweet and sour chicken balls, vegetable pancake rolls and chuck in a bag of prawn crackers?…

…Oh and a diet coke.”

These words, or variations of these words, are heard in households up and down the country throughout the year…and it’s costing us a fortune.

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Spring clean your DMP budget

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mop and bucket on tiled floor

Time to clean up

We’re halfway through April; spring has sprung and now could be a good time to take a detailed look at your budget. Could you spruce up a few areas and make savings that will help you before summer?

If you’re a DMP client, sometimes even paying an extra £10 a month could have a significant effect on when you finally reach your debt-free date.

Here are seven spring time budget tips for you to consider – could any of them help you?

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