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Renting lessons I’ve learned the hard way

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I’ve rented many houses in my time. From rat-infested terraces, to slug-populated basements and mould-filled houses with a sprinkling of damp.

What can I say? It’s been a learning curve.

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How to get up to date with rent arrears to avoid eviction

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If you’re having problems with your rent arrears, also read our article What happens if you fall into rent arrears?

streets of houses

Rented housing; a financial story behind each door

Hopefully everyone knows that rent is a priority. If you fall behind on payments and don’t make an arrangement to get back up to date it could ultimately mean eviction from your home.

Rent arrears is a growing problem. More than 10,000 people contacted us for help with rent arrears last year, an increase of 27% from 2010. On average, our clients in rent arrears are £760 behind on payments and £82 short of the amount needed to cover living expenses each month. The situation is worse for those in privately rented accommodation. Continue reading »