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Eviction: what happens when you go to court

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Emma, a debt advisor, spent the day at a County Court hearing centre to better understand the eviction hearing process. She’s written this article to share what happens during an eviction hearing and what she learnt from the day.

The county court eviction process

What is the eviction hearing process?

As a debt advisor, I regularly speak to clients who are in rent or mortgage arrears and are concerned about eviction. It’s part of my job to understand the County Court eviction process, explain to clients what to expect at their hearing and how to prepare for it.

However, being fortunate enough to have never been in that situation myself, one thing I can’t talk the client through is how they’ll feel on the day.

So to find out more, I visited a County Court hearing centre to help me to understand more about the process from a client’s perspective.

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10 UK personal debt stats that will astound you

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streets of houses

Terraced housing, and a financial story behind each door

Recently we released an important report called Debt and the Household, focusing on how British families were coping financially during these austerity times. You’ll probably not be surprised to hear that the conclusions made for grim reading.

The report was compiled by The Financial Inclusion Centre for StepChange Debt Charity and focused on “debt and financial vulnerability in the UK, the current trends and recommendations for policy makers”. Its findings have been reported over the past month throughout the press as we’ve felt that it’s vital for as many policy makers – the likes of MPs, think tanks and quangos – need to understand the state of the UK’s personal finances.

What did they find? We’ve compiled the headline figures for you…

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